Mafia II Developers Working On Grand Theft Auto V?

Mafia II Developers Working On Grand Theft Auto V?

As ridiculous as that headline sounds, think about it for a second. Yeah, there you go.

According to a report on VG247 developers 2K Czech, who released one of the prettiest but also one of the most boring open-world games of all time with Mafia II, are helping Rockstar on Grand Theft Auto V.

Remember, 2K are a Take-Two brand, and Take-Two is also Rockstar’s publisher.

So just what areas do Rockstar need help? Or are getting it just for kicks? In “animations for cutscenes and general gameplay”, it seems. What’s more, the report claims it’s a two-way street, with Rockstar “opening its secrets” to the Czech studio, with said secrets to hopefully make big improvements in the next Mafia game.

Which, the same report claims, is already in development, having been significantly retooled and rebuilt in the wake of Mafia II’s mixed reception.

This kind of collaboration isn’t as rare or as strange as it may sound, and with budgets increasing and expertise becoming more focused, it’s only going to happen more and more often.

Rumour — 2K Czech on Grand Theft Auto V, Mafia III [VG247]


  • If I remember correctly a lot of them old Mafia 2 reviews were 8/10s however all of the reviews seemed to be written in a negative or nit-picky way so I never got the game.

    A good developer like Rockstar should have a lot to offer 2K all the luck to them.

    • Mafia II was well made hence the 8/10’s. The issue is that as a game it was tedious and boring. Huge amounts of A->B->C->A with no real reason.

  • That’s fine. Mafia II had some great elements but, as Luke says, it was boring. Collaborate all you want if it results in a better final product.

  • They better be only helping with the Load and maybe doing Mostly DLC i dont want he Magic Rockstar Conjour to be lostbecuase they had let another developer in on the game.

    Not to say 2K Czech are bad this goes for any Dev. We love Rockstar’s Games because they have Super Dev Juice in all thier water coolers, Sort of like Mojangs Amazing Cake and Bungie’s Awesome Sauce.

  • “…who released one of the prettiest but also one of the most boring open-world games of all time with Mafia II”

    Get out Luke. Mafia 2 is an amazing game, far better than GTA4. One of my most-played games and definitely very underrated.

    • I never understood all the negativity Mafia II received. I didn’t find it as entertaining as the original, but it was still a great game.

      • I think it had something to do with the fact that there was nothing to do between missions, except drive to the next one, which got tedious after a while. For example, you could rob a shop, but that just took walking in, shooting the cashier, taking the most expensive clothes and then strolling out again, police oblivious to the presence of the only shopper walking out of a murder scene. Then everything else was just so much walking/driving.

    • meh, I enjoyed GTA IV more… that’s not to say I didn’t like Mafia II, I did really enjoy it, but outside of the actual story there really wasn’t anything to do… it was very strict in the sense you couldn’t mess around as much as GTA IV.

  • Mafia II was awesome, what the fuck Kotaku

    If 2K Czech is working on GTA V it will just be extra labor to get the game out faster, they won’t have any impact on the style of the game or anything.

  • Mafia 2 was quite enjoyable but there was very little go and explore the world stuff. It made you run the piano wire thin main story before finishing.

  • Working in IT all sorts of complex collaborations are common. It is generally about finding people with relevant experience more than trying to bring in outside influences. Bums on seats, hours on timesheets.

    Example: I work for company A. We put in a bid for work (that I have rather rare experience in) at company B. We lost to company C. Company C are on site at company B but they needed more people to hit the deadline so they came to company A (mine) and grabbed me and a workmate to go on site with them at company B and help with the job we lost out on.

    What is really important is who is in charge of the project and the specs? Developers don’t just sit down and do what they want, there are defined tasks and outcomes. If Rockstar are in charge of all that then the extra guys are just that: extra guys. The article doesnt make any of this clear, but I would hazard a guess that Rockstar are remaning firmly in control of the game and its development.

    Of course none of this can happen without the contractors taking away knowledge learned during the work: hence the bit about “secrets”. Seeing as they share a publisher this also makes a lot of sense, as it also benefits the publisher to have its developers knowledge sharing.

  • Guys, its just Lukes opinion on the matter, he doesn’t speak for all of Kotaku.

    I welcome this collaboration, if it means a more detailed and more fun GTA ( I found GTAIV to be boring once the story mode was done ) then I’m all for it. It’s neat to see Rockstar collaborating with what some may describe as ” The Enemy ” something you don’t really see in the Industry today as much. Still waiting for Netherealm Studios and Capcom to do something though… sounds silly but who knows!

  • Hmm GTA4 was pretty damn boring if you ask me (damn those needy friends!!) so here’s hoping they don’t make #5 worse!

  • With the exception of real-time girlfriends who sucked the blood out of you, GTA IV was damn fine.

    If the Mafia 2 is let anywhere near GTA V then I wouldn’t touch it with a space ladder. Mafia 2 was the laziest piece of work I’d ever had the misfortune of playing. It wasn’t even a game, it was just a story being told with you in control of some bits. And even that left much to be desired.

  • Mafia 2 was awesome! Sure it may be lacking in the open world department when it comes to doing sidemissions but it was an incredibly engaging experience from start to finish & the storyline trumps on any GTA game . I doubt that anyone will actually be worried about Mafia 2 team’s involvement because I’m sure the usual GTA gameplay will be there but things will seem more sophisticated and it’d be for the better

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