Manila Counter-Strike Match Ends In Murder

A round of Counter-Strike at an internet cafe in the Philippines capital of Manila turned deadly on Monday, when a member of the losing team was murdered after an argument over the payment of approximately seven dollars in winnings.

According to authorities the friendly wager of 300 pesos took a decidedly unfriendly turn, with a full-blown argument breaking out at the cafe over payment of the relatively meagre sum. The dispute was eventually resolved, but one member of the winning team wasn't happy with the outcome, following losing team member Eric Cristobal to his home and stabbing him to death.

Police investigator Noel Ibanez said that Cristobal was not responsible for starting the argument; merely an unfortunate victim. Police took the suspect into custody yesterday.

Man murdered in video game row [City Press]


    seeing as the avereage daily wage in the philippines is about 270 pesos, the betting amount is a little more than a "relatively meagre sum"

      You're right. Now I understand how he could stab another human being to death over it. (?)

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