Mass Effect 3 Gets A Happy Ending After All


    It's bothering me that people seem to think that the angry fans want a *happy ending* when what they really want is an ending not riddled with plotholes.

    Oh and, nice picture.

      My thoughts too. Perhaps Luke Plunkett doesn't quite get what the underlying issue of the ending is.


      I don't understand why they find it so hard to get it. We weren't expecting a happy ending, we wanted an ending that made sense within the universe.

        It did make sense within the universe. Sorry you didn't "get" it.

          It made sense that the teammates that were with you were suddenly on the Normandy?
          It made sense that the Normandy quit in the middle of THE final battle - the battle from which there would be no turning away - and went to use a mass relay?
          It made sense that certain characters managed to get to places before you?
          It made sense that Shepard, after having been through SO much, wouldn't stop to ask some pretty crucial questions right at the end?

            All those things made perfect sense, Razor. You just weren't paying attention.

            1) Reaper magic. Duh!
            2) Joker's a ****y, and so is the rest of your crew. Everyone already knew this.
            3) Again, reaper/space magic. You haven't read the books!
            4) He's exhausted. If a mystical star child AI came out nowhere and told you "to protect organics from synthetics we gotta create synthetics to kill organics" your reaction would have been exactly the same! "**** it, I don't care anymore. Just blow everything up, whatever."

              Ah, that explains everything. Thank you Sithlord, I owe Mr Waffle an apology on account of how correct he was and all.

          You are a:

          1) fucking retard


      But like any big media. Much easier to make the fans look like they are throwing a hissy fit if you mis-direct your audience.

      Personally i wouldn't have cared if the last thing we saw was the entire crew of the normandy almost make it to the beam only to be captured lined up and executed by firing squad.

      At least then it would make since, as opposed to the fact that half the galaxy should have been evaporated by the mass relays blowing up

      Yeah I certainly don't think the ending needs to be happy. Just need to actually be properly written. It would also be nice if it actually meant something to people, you know, like actually taking into account your decisions prior more than showing a different cut scene where some people die and some don't. But I think most importantly, if you're going to offer "different" endings, ACTUALLY MAKE THEM DIFFERENT!

      Shh, I want my happy ending.

    i hate you luke

    I don't care about the ending. I just want them to fix the face import patch so that I can see THE BEGINNING!!!11!1!!

    This image makes no sense! Turians can't eat human food, so why is Garrus eating a watermelon?

    Also, SPOILERS, why is Mordin there? I don't see Wrex, so does this image go with the impression that he died and the cure was sabotaged?

      Genetically modifed watermelon? And that Wrex is probably busy getting it on and is represented in spirit in that plush Miranda is holding. anyhowimgoingtostoptalking

    just like a good massage, everyone loves a happy ending

    LOL, Do people really buy games for story lines?

      Of course not. We all bought this game just so we can pew pew at some evil Reapers :I

      No, I like to play games on the hardest difficulty straight away and boast about it and my giant e-dick online.

      But only if those games aren't dumbed down for consolezlolz

    Luke like other Kotaku "journalist" are just milking the Mass Effect 3 ending debacle for all it's worth. It kind of reminds me of old people trying to remember their nephew/nieces names.

    wtf, i havent got the game yet and luke comes along and titles an article making it obvious that ME3 has a sad ending. awesome spoiler on front page of kotaku.

      Kotaku is frequently riddled with spoilers. You're best to actively avoid it if there's a big name game with strong story elements released that you have yet to finish.

      That said, this isn't nearly as bad as Kotaku posting the ending to Arkham City on the front page in huge letters. I've sworn in blood that I'm going to slap the writer of that article if I ever meet him for that.

    just another article showing how little kotaku understands some of its readers. such a shame......................

    Good job Luke. Just wondering what are your qualifications? Did you study at all in journalism school or did you intend to be the guy who just hyperlinks shit to your readers.

    Mark and Tracy are the only decent journalists in this website so please don't post anything unless it's actually gaming related Luke.

    EH I like I pic

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