Mass Effect 3's Launch Trailer Launches, Before The Game's Launch

Mass Effect 3 will be out next week, but launch trailers don't wait for games to launch. Here's the game's launch trailer today.


We'll have plenty more about the game, including a review, next week.


    Can't wait

    Dunno how good the game will be...

    ...but that was fucking epic.

    Thursday seems like an enternity from now. Can't wait!

    My EB has it right now. Sitting out the back. I'm *betting* it breaks streetdate within the next 48 hours. Monday afternoon at the latest. This *will not* hold over til tuesday.

      I sure hope it breaks by tuesday so I don't have to wait until thursday. I have to study for exams thursday night :\

        *sadface* I so do not wanna wait til thursday but then, I too have exams this week. Im doing my Adult Tertiary Prep course for Uni next year lol. This will be my reward for being a good boy this week. 34 year old boy mind you LOL. I guess waiting til thursday wont be that bad...

          I hope it breaks date. On Thursday I'm at Uni from 9AM to 10PM, and Friday from 10AM to 9PM, so I need it before then. I DO.

      I sure hope you're right. I don't want to wait any longer! :o

      Unfortunately it won't matter - The game has to be activated online, and that won't be possible until the release date.

    If bioware showed Shepard about to open tali's mask from the front, I'd be waiting at my EB right now! But this trailer pumped me up! We got to see Legion, Mordin, Jack, Ashley, Wrex, Tali. Epic music and a thrasher maw attacking a reaper. Bioware finally released a trailer with 95% new footage and focus on the reaper threat like a hollywood war trailer would do.

      This game is basically setting out to be Biowares magnum Opus. It's what they're declaring it to be. Their masterpiece. It's capping off the Mass Effect series, well, Shepherds piece in it. So they'd want to go balls out, and quite frankly they did. I've never seen a trailer that stirred that much emotion. I wanted to be in one of those fighters blowing the crap out of the Reapers at the end!!!!!!! O_O

    Well if the game doesn't win GOTY at least trailer of the year is in the bag. It made me yell out loud. Please break street date today.

    Launching trailer,
    trailer launched.
    Launching trailer,
    trailer launched.
    Launching trailer,
    trailer launched.

    Ehh, i'll just go prepare myself for my stoning, but I'm not hyped for this. I liked ME1 and loved ME2. But this doesn't make me stand up and spout my die-hard rabid allegiance rhetoric in the way I had hoped it will. Maybe I've lost that fanboy-esq sense of "WANT THIS NAOW!!"

    I'll still by it, I know I'll end up loving it. But some how I know I won't truly appreciate it in the same way other games have made me appreciate them when things come to an end. Call it desensitisation, call it being jaded or merely call it a variety of robot related insults with regards to my lack of feelings. I'm not sold on this, not sure if I ever will with this series.

      Is it the culmination of all the bad wrap bioware has been doing to their fans? Like selling day one dlc and the direction ea slapping everything with the bioware branding for a sell? As long as everyone complains and threatens bioware staff in their forums and not fighting against the bigger picture: nothing will change.

        It's not down to DLC. I've never been a fan of DLC mainly due to my inability to obtain most of it, but also because I grew up as a PC man, moved to consoles due to my inability to afford a decent PC and have returned to PCs. DLC can be amazing or it can be cheap, but my apathy towards ME3 has absolutely nothing to do with DLC. The simple answer to any DLC complaint is, if you don't want it, don't buy it. The assumption that someone is apathetic towards a game due to DLC is ridiculous.

        I rather think that ME3, a magnum opus for Bioware, the culmination of years of hard work, is going to be a game just like the prequels. I'm not going to want to pick it up again and play it over and over. I'm fully prepared to eat my words while playing it and love and tolerate the crap out of it. But in truth, it's going to leave me feeling hollow inside, like I've had a one night stand with a good friend and the morning after has left me feeling like I just did something awful.

        I've never been sold on the story, I've never been fully sold on the characters and I've never been bought by the entire environment of the world. The Mass Effect series has never been my cup of tea, but I've still enjoyed the ride. I'm going to finish that ride but if I'm asked whether or not I want another go, I'll politely decline and Judd Nelson myself away.

          1. Zaeed was day 1 DLC everyone seems to forget this for some reason...
          2. The Prothean character has already been declared to be non necessary to the storyline, his storyline is just a bonus.

          The only thing that irritates me is that such a pivotal racial character as a Prothean should have been a main character from the start? Surely someone like Legion could have been thrown in as the side character DLC?

            I thought it was gonna go like this.
            non-dlc: protheans in game, at the right point of story.
            dlc: same as above, but one will join you.

            or a message from Anderson along the lines of "we found this cryo-tube in the citadel" and that's when you get the prothean.

            I don't think it's gonna be story changing

    Needs some Heart of Courage in the background me thinks :)
    This was just amazing.

    You need to be willing to die... or you're going to die?


      It's a weird way of saying to fight without fear. And Shepard didnt say "your going to die" but "anything less, and your already dead"

      It just means that there's no room for half-measures. The only chance to survive is by fighting without fear of death as anything less will get your killed... Essentially.

    Some people here are expecting a Tuesday release but I believe its actual release date in Australia is the 8th.

      People are expecting Tuesday because they're not expecting this game to make street date, which has happened with previous, hyped games. I expect GAME will pull the same thing by importing it from the US (which releases 2 days before us) to troll the other retailers. At which point, everyone eise will be forced to match them with a Tuesday release.

    Holy hell that was good.

    I don't know about anyone else but I found that little kid bit as manipulative as hell. Forcing sympathy never works.

    In fact everything about this felt very boring and left me wondering at the end of it if the people in charge knew wtf they were doing.
    Hell compare this to the ME2 trailer which was very well made and managed to get by without putting explosions in every 5 seconds

      The other trailer with the dead girl and burnt toy was far more manipulative. But yeah, I agree I can live without this being in the trailer, it's just manufactured melodrama. We understand the stakes without having the dead kid thrust into the forefront.

      As for the explosions, I think they're appropriate. This isn't the dark, quiet middle act, this is the big, bad finale where everything that has built up with the previous 2 instalments all crashes together. It's the Return of the Jedi to ME2's Empire Strikes Back. Shepard isn't a covert ops leader in the midst of tenuous peace, the whole galaxy is engulfed in war and he's a commander. Each of the Mass Effect trailers played to the strength of each narrative, no point bitching about explosions just because that's the tone of the 3rd game.

        Having nonstop explosions is not what I would call playing to the last installments strengths or even the series strengths. Yes you can put them in, there but also use the trailer to try and put some tension in.

        ME2s launch trailer did this perfectly, both demonstrating the gravity of the situation and showing intense action moments where you could literally feel the excitement and tension flowing from the screen.

        In this one we got forced melodrama with a childs death followed by a barrage of nonstop onscreen explosions telling us nothing about the game other than "Bad guys, coming, time to kill them". Felt like I was watching a bloody Michael Bay movie

          Honestly my only issue with ME3 so far has been the focus on "SAVING EARTH!"

          The entire marketing campaign has be so focused on trying to draw new players in by giving them something to relate to (earth) that it seems to have neglected the fact that the ENTIRE galaxy is at risk.
          I know they mention this in the trailer, but it's all been along the lines of "IF we don't take Earth back, the galaxy is lost" or "Earth is our final hope!" which to me makes next to no sense.

          I mean, Earth is the political capital of the least influential of the four "council races" depending on your choices prior but for some reason it's the most highly valued target in the whole galaxy now? I was under the impression that the citadel would have been the wisest choice for machines that are beyond comprehension to obtain....since the leaders of most of the citadel races are there and it holds the keys to the Reapers controlling the mass relays.

          Worst of all is how the intro to the game implies the reapers smashed through the outer human colonies, the local cluster, destroyed the fifth(?) fleet in orbit around Earth before Hacket could send a distress call and destroyed the major cities on earth in about 20-30 minutes........How is it at all possible that Earth is going to be left with ANY living people on it after the days/weeks/months it takes to rally every race to take it back.

          Don't even get me started on the fact the reapers are supposedly unbelievably more powerful than the entire citadel fleet combined...

          I'm sure I'll enjoy the game, but this whole action front has departed from the series' original atmosphere so much it appears to have brought detriment to the "suspension of disbelief" imo.

          Still not sure why you think this is inappropriate, or that explosions somehow automatically dumbs this down simply because Michael Bay abuses it in his films.

          The reason why there a tonne of explosions is because this is the tone of the game. All the sneaking around and being the lone captain of a rogue ship has gone out the window, with a new focus on total war. The scope is now far larger than either of the previous two games and the trailer focusses exactly on that.

          Presenting only quiet moments of levity or drama is somewhat disingenuous because that ignores the big picture. The ME2 trailer was perfect for that game, just as this is fine for this one. I'm sure the same person probably edited both. Why should you have same content trailer for two games that differ greatly in tone?

    None of the other trailers have done it for me. This one gave me goose bumps. My body is ready. I can't wait!

    This is my most anticipatedd game since Halo 3. Cannot wait

    this is the movie right?! looks good enough to be a friggin good one

    Damn it, my jaw is somewhere on the floor

    Cannot wait for this. Oh crap, I still need need to finish ME2 first argh!

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