Mass Effect 3's Reapers Are Invading The Earth Right Now

If you hear something outside of your window, do not be alarmed. It's just the Reapers. To pump us up for Mass Effect 3's launch tomorrow, the brilliant minds at BioWare have constructed an alternate reality on Twitter in which the series' menacing villains have arrived on Earth's soil. Using the hashtag #solcomms, participants have spent the day tweeting fake news and survival strategies for the catastrophic Reaper invasion.

A BioWare representative told me this afternoon that the ARG may be linked to midnight Mass Effect 3 launch events throughout the country. The highly anticipated action role-playing game will be out in Australia on Thursday for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Twitter user @Editwithmouse tweeted the above picture of Reapers outside his window.

Fake journalist Emily Wong is also giving us live updates. Last we heard, the Reapers have made their way to Northeast Oklahoma.

I'm participating too.

Photo: @Editwithmouse


    Considering EB Games online started shipping out all of their pre-orders yesterday I dare say it will be "out" either today or tomorrow here.

      @Korwin, eb Australia?

        Yeah Aus. I'm in Canberra and historically I've received my games that I've bought from there a day or 2 early.

      Where do you live? EBs main distribution is in Queensland and Perth it will probably take from than to thursday to reach you.

        I usually get my preorders from ebgames online a day or two early... I'm in VIC. I got cataclysm and uncharted 3 two days early last time, lol.

    I tried following one of the twitter streams but it said that to do so I had to buy the ARG DLC?

    "To pump us up for Mass Effect 3‘s launch tomorrow"

    Fuck you America, fuck you.

    And not a single "don't fear the reaper" reference .___.

      Oooh no no, there goes Tokyo, go go Godreaper...woooooo

    This is the second highest trending topic in Australia in twitter right now. So Awesome...

      HAHA Do you use that same name on Twitter? I replied to a couple of your tweets if so ;)

    Was there seriously not a slightly more creative name they could have used than 'reaper'? #yawn #runfromMEfans

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