Mass Effect Anime, Starring James Vega, Will Be Released This Fall

BioWare has been expanding their Dragon Age and Mass Effect story universes through comics and novels for several years. Now they're branching out into animation projects, working with FUNimation to create a pair of anime features for later this year, Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker and Mass Effect: Paragon Lost.

In this Dailymotion video recently shared on the BioWare blog, we get a closer look at the production process and at what story Paragon Lost will be telling. It centres on James Vega, showing how he got to be where he eventually landed, at the side of the famous Commander Shepard.

The video also features a number of character and location sketches, showing that surprisingly, vorcha manage to look kind of cool in 2D. They confirm that the release of Paragon Lost is still the nebulous "fall 2012," and that Dawn of the Seeker, following Dragon Age 2 character Cassandra Pentaghast, will be coming out May 29.

Paragons and Seekers [BioWare Blog]


    In the finale, will he be flying any baby harvesters?

      This made me lol :D

    Oh so thats why they ended it like that... To get more money !!!!

    Will it end with Vega going blind, getting a prosthetic arm and the female love interest kicking the bucket for what seems like absolutely no reason?

    James Vega sucks. Jacob and Miranda were far better characters.

      i liked vega. it was nice to see a diehard army man brought back in. really there is no one to compare him to. had to have a beefcake in the series somewhere ;-)

      Miranda was a cold hearted bitch that was never humanized enough not when dealing with her sister.
      I romanced Jacob in ME 2 and for the only character in the friggin game that says I love you he's a lying cheat and you never get a closing agrument or to confront him.
      James Vega was a real man and honest he didn't act like you were a friggin hero he liked u for you

    Vega was pretty good. I'm going to generalise and say that the people who don't like him are pissant weaklings.

      What's 'pretty good' about Vega? The Jersey Shore tan? The faux hawk? The roid rage? The Space Marine stereotype? The ghetto slang spoken by one of the most lily white D-listers in Hollywood?

        Nice. Next time instead of getting wrapped up in the packaging of the message, try listening to the message. Vega's comments were half fist-pumping bravado, but the other half were thoughtful, quiet and insightful observations or questions. There was a reasonable, fair, open-minded warrior poet behind those trappings.

    Seriously how many spin offs and dlc and they going to release for this game separtely. Talk about milking the cow. The game has not even been out a month.

    Not surprised to see where Bioware's quality control has gone... an anime starring space marine extraordinaire James Vega. Just what the fans want right? /s

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