Mass Effect Portrait Art Is As Menacing As It Is Beautiful

Website Unreality Magazine has uncovered some beautiful portrait drawings of some of our favourite Mass Effect characters.

The artist behind the series of portrait drawings — deviantART user Arkis — appears to have a strong taste for the popular BioWare sci-fi franchise, as one look at the gallery will tell you.

I'm not saying that these portraits are perfect for your phone's background, but look at that vertical to horizontal ratio and tell me it isn't.

An Excellent Mass Effect Portrait Series [Unreality Magazine via Reddit]


    Interesting, I think exactly half look horrible, and the other half look spot on amazing. Especially liking the Garrus and Legion

      Yeah, unfortunately the human falls short. He looks all kinds of mongol.

    I can never see shepard without cracking up, he is just so serious. Look at me, I'm a cool angry chiseled space man!

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