Mass Effect's Controversial Day-One DLC Is On The Disc, Video Alleges

The fury will not abate over Mass Effect 3's "From Ashes" extension, a downloadable content package available on the day it was released (and within the game's collector's edition). A user has produced a video alleging that one of the characters available in the DLC is actually on the disc.

The user shows his work, going through the directory, making adjustments and ultimately unlocking Tavik for play, manipulating him in-game.

The argument may be semantic, however. All characters may be included on a game disc, because the game needs to know how to manage them in modes like multiplayer, or for some other developmental reason, while the narrative content in which they appear is later downloaded.

Regardless, it does damage BioWare's credibility and its argument that this content was developed parallel to the rest of the game and was not completed until after the game had gone into certification. It may be that what BioWare means to describe are the DLC's missions, viewing this character as a game asset and not content itself.

Many gamers disagree with that vehemently, viewing any content on the disc that is not available to them as a underhanded requirement to pay extra for something already owned.

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    Lol, well here is another tip off to the same effect , far more convincing for the amount of sites google is indexing with the same information ... unless bioware are using some super incredible compression that is...

    Size: 6MB

      Seems legit...

        Of course it's not, the available information points to the DLC being on the disc at release though.

    It's Javik, not Tavik..

      Sesshōmaru, not Sesshomaru.

        Hmmm At least the starting letter is the same not changing it to a completely different name. Sesshoumaru looks weird.

    The PSN download for From Ashes was just shy on 600MB. How is that supposed to be "on-disk", or is this something that's peculiar to PC?

      Apparently the download is 600 mb on PC as well. However, as other posters have pointed out, all the content is on disc and can be unlocked using a 6mb crack. The conspiracy nut in me is starting to suspect that they've intentionally bloated the download to hide the fact the dlc was removed from the game, rather than developed afterwards.

        character = on disk the mission = in the download i see no problem with this at all, people just like to bitch about dlc

    The DLC sucks anyway. Javik is an asshole.

      This is why I like taking him with me on missions.

    The DLC is short and crap.

      The mission provided in the DLC is not the bulk of the content.

      The Prothean has a ton of unique scenes on several on the main missions that develop alot of the Prothean backstory, he also has his own character dialogue on the ship like all the other companions.

      So no, it's not "short and crap.". You just play Mass Effect like COD.

        I owe an apology to a few people because while the original mission is incidental? Im finding actually having Javik around is triggering incidents and events ingame. hes far from incidental and should not have been dlc...

    Hope it is on the disk, they need a bit of shame

    Mark , i am a long time follower of your work, please report that other bull**** they have pulled over mass effect 3, love to see kotaku shed light on the matter,
    PS im for disney :) ( sry for the vague comment)

      What bull are you talking about? I don't ask with a preemptive argument, I actually want to know. I'm not a huge Mass Effect fan, I only played 2 and I'm just starting 3 and the game feels fine to me.

    I don't understand why modern gamers believe that all content produced by the time game has gone gold automatically belongs to them. This is not true with any other product.

    Man Owen won't shut the hell up about this stuff will he. He sounds more like a butthurt fanboy than the actual butthurt fanboys.

      And at least the butthurt fanboys have the excuse of being anonymous butthurt fanboys... Owen Good is 'supposed' to be a journalist.

    The truth is that games costs less than they did when I was a young gamer. When I was in highschool a Super Nintendo cart set you back $119 (AUS) and you got probably under 100MB of data and all the wonderful content that could provide.

    Now days I triple A title including fully realised 3D worlds, voice acting and cut-scenes, much more than I ever imagined could be possible in a video game, costs me $80 (AUS).

    If there's one things modern gamers don't have to be worried about it's value for money.

      1. Thats just in Australia. Games prices have actually increased pretty consistently in the US, and thats what our prices are based on. The increases this generation in the US have been quite sizable - if our dollar were to go back to 1990's levels, we'd be paying a lot more that $119.

      2. A lot of stuff that was just part of the package in the 1990's is now sold as DLC.

      3. The transition to discs was a massive saving.

      4. They have large economies of scale. The period your talking about, gaming was still an enthusiast hobby, and priced accordingly.

      But yes - gaming now costs me personally, as an Australian, a lot less than even five years ago. However, there are economic reasons why that doesn't apply to most of the world.

        The general agreement among Americans is that games now days costs cheaper than they did in the past. Apparently over there they were more expensive than the current $60 they pay.

        And my point is that, back in the day, you paid a LOT more for a LOT less. Once pain a time the main character of a game spoke in a text bubble and had under 20 frames of animation. Now days the complexity and detail of the worlds and stories that video game can convey is just staggering. And it's cheaper.

      100meg? Snes? dohohohoho. Try 4mb

      Seriously?? over $110? I only EVER paid for one game over $100 and that was Super Mario RPG with the converter for $124.. Id hate to shop where you were living..

      Every Snes game I bought ranged between $49-$99.

    Soooo prothean was in original leaked script.
    Prothean is not in game at all unless you buy DLC (which was the argument everyone and their mother was making, and that he simply wouldn't be playable.)
    And people are still debating if core content was cut/ held off on to be produced as DLC??

    I confuzzled?

    really, does it matter? why get so angry over something you "DONT HAVE TO BUY"!!!

    yeah I know day one DLC sucks but really only whingers care so much to get angry on the internet.

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