Maths Genius Appears To Have Guessed Diablo III's Release Date Two Months Ago

Yesterday, Blizzard announced that Diablo III will be out on May 15. Reddit seems to have beaten them to the punch. By two months.

In January, Reddit poster SweenWSweens said he used a ridiculous mathematic equation to guess Diablo III's release date. By figuring out exactly what Blizzard community manager Micah "Bashiok" Whipple meant by "early". SweenWSweens guessed that the highly-anticipated action-role-playing game would be out on May 15.

Which happens to be 100 per cent accurate.

We checked the web cache data and the above post indeed seems to have been from January. And no, SweenWSweens won't tell you when Half-Life 3 will be out. Even the world's most complicated mathematical equations can't tell Valve Time.

Release day math [Reddit via Reddit]


    Is it not obvious that Blizzard have seen this and decided to make it a joke?

      Or the guy is from the future. Yep definitely from the future. But that raises the question that if he hadnt come back from the future and posted this would have blizzard actually released the game on May 15th? This leads us to the debate on whether different time lines are links and everything happens exactly the same or are they infinitely different. If they are infinitely different then his act of traveling through time and stating this release date has irreparably altered the course of our time line. If all universes are linked then this could indicate that his future future self has already done this to him or that he is abusing the powers of time travel in order to gain personally from a release date. No doubt some financial scheme involving hybrid fish monkeys. If this is the case the could result in a shift in the space time continuum triggering catastrophic event which causes a collapse of the fabric of the universe ending life as we know it!

        So Diablo III WONT be released on May 15th now, due to his interference with the continuum of the universe?

    considering how cool the blizzard guys are I reckon they tried to line it up with this as a joke or bug coincidence. either way no one will remember or care.

    *Waits for D3 to be pushed back*

    Who cares about D3 anyway? Everyone knows Torchlight 2 will be better.

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