Medal Of Honor: Warfighter Leaves Afghanistan To Fight Pirates

So, the upcoming Medal of Honor is still trying to say it's authentic while showing Call of Duty-esque blockbuster moments. Some things will never change, but some things do, like a lot of the trimmings and context of this reboot's sequel.

In a nice nod to the fact video games are enjoyed by people living outside the United States, this time the action will take place all over the planet (fighting pirates in Somalia, shooting terrorists in Malaysia) and will feature allies and soldiers from all over the planet to boot.

Sadly, they're restricted to multilayer (where this time it's "blue vs blue" and not "America vs Taliban"), but there's Australian, German, Polish and British special forces mentioned, with a further seven to be disclosed later.

EA also says that sections of the game have been written by actual soldiers, and "reveals the heartbreaking side of war, told through the eyes of military families". Which could only go one of two very extreme ways depending on how well they pull it off.


    You know this could actually be awesome. I have like zero interest in playing some marine in shitbuttfuckstan but yeah I think I could totally have me some skinny killing pirate hunters.

    Oh look! Aussies in the game. Interested now haha.

    Just hope its less of a BJ than the last MoH

    YAY AUSSIES. Been waiting so long for an aussie appearance.

    "they’re restricted to multilayer (where this time it’s “blue vs blue” and not “America vs Taliban”)"

    You mean "multiplayer" and "red vs blue"? Two mistakes having any sort of editor at all should avoid?

      By blue vs blue he means, say, marines vs SAS and stuff. they are both marked as "blue" in wars

    call of duty-esque hahahaha

    It'll be yet another "realistic" war shooter for testosterone-fuelled fourteen year olds. Regardless of the context - shooting pirates, Afghanis, Malaysian terrorists, whatever - I'll have played it all before.
    I'm not interested in the least. I think I clicked on the link just to make sure.

    oh i was looking forward to seeing some aussies in it, but as long as the accents it's no biggie. I just hope when you knife someone, you'll say "You call that a knife, THIS IS A KNIFE"

    Though my memory of the MoH beta way back when is very vague, but wasn't there two different weapon sets for the taliban and the US/tier 1 whatever you call it?

    I hope the Aussie soldiers drape the flag around them as a cape and kill all the sand niggaz.

    Aussies will appear for 1 second, in the background, having a smoke or something haha!


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