Mega Man Becomes Mega Girl

Mega Man Becomes Mega Girl

So what if Capcom seems unwilling to make any more Mega Man games. They could always make a Mega Girl game instead!

At least, that’s the premise behind this gender-swapping take on the platforming hero by artist


“>dcwj, in which the star and several other characters/bosses are reimagined.

It’s adorable. So much so I would want to see this way before another Mega Man game.

Lets go! RockGirl [DeviantArt, via Rampged Reality]


  • Nah it shouldn’t be Mega Girl, it should be Giga Girl. Bigger therefore better, identifiably different but still retaining attachment to the old version & keeps the alliteration

      • I hate luke too, he doesn’t even bother to think of the piece. A fucking analysis of the possibilities/implications/whatever of the piece might have been nice.

  • What did you do Luke to incur the wrath of everyone?! lol or are these hate posts just some benign prank?

    • As mentioned above, he incorrectly tags things and bases an article on a single image. Now, an article based on an image isn’t necessarily bad, but the issues lies in the fact that Luke does nothing but post single images and shit like that without even attempting to dissect the meaning of it, its connotations or even bloody engage us as an audience.

      “Here is an image I think is cool, here are the links.”

      That is it.

  • Why MegaGirl? If anything, it should be MegaWoman. Unless you haven’t noticed, it’s not call MegaBoy, but MegaMan.

    • Another user already recommended GigaGirl, to maintain alliteration.

      MegaWoman is a mouthful, that is why, personally, I dislike it.

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