Melbourne Brings You The World’s Worst iPad Accessory

Melbourne Brings You The World’s Worst iPad Accessory

Hey guys, ever wanted to wear your iPad like an enormous wristwatch, like some post-modern, overwhelmingly white version of Flava Flav? Of course you haven’t, but that hasn’t stopped Melbourne tech accessory designers StudioProper from creating it anyway.

It’s called the “Wallee Hand Strap’. Apparently it cost $19.95 and is made from 100% Japanese Wool Felt. Whoop-di-doo!

“Our designs are not your run of the mill iPad accessories,” said Alon Tamir, the lead designer of this… thing. “They’re all about enhancing the use of technology, and letting you enjoy it in different ways.

“The latest Hand Strap is extremely versatile and can be used in a number of ways. Using it to turn your iPad into a wristwatch is just one of them.

“The Wallee ecosystem has a very passionate global community that are always thinking of new uses for the accessories we make.

“We can’t wait to see what our fans do with our products next,” Tamir said.

He can’t wait to see what people do with a $20 handstrap. Alrighty then.

You can order the Wallee Hand Strap for $19.95 free delivery here. Apparently you need to also order a specific $40 case to wear your iPad as a watch (and a $700 iPad, obviously!)


  • The handstrap itself doesn’t seem like a terrible idea. Kind of like the wrist attachments for Wii controls.

    The wristwatch add-on is a bit weird, true, but cannot find that on this site…?

    /blaming the wrong people?

    • It’s people using the hand strap around their wrist, as opposed to their hand, giving the look of a wristwatch, and I’d assume, based on the language used, that they endorsed it being used as such in a press release.

      • But does that endorsement make it the world’s worst iPad accessory? It seems the handstrap has decent utility (and apparently some flexibility in said utility)

  • This would be awesome if it was like a sci-fi piece of technology where you can shrink it back in your watch when you don’t need and carry it round like a regular watch. Then when you do need it you press a button and it pulls back out to use.

    Avaliable in 2025

  • Hi Mark, thanks for the story :). Yes, it is our Hand Strap product being used as a wristwatch for the iPad. We do think it’s fun walking around with an iPad as a watch, but that use of our accessory is a bit tongue-in-cheek. We have many customers around the world who are using this in teaching, retail, hospitality, and other applications. That is, in genuinely useful ways!

  • Pffft.
    We’ll see who’s laughing last when the zombies come, and i’ve got an AWESOME iPad* buckler shield to fend them off with, whilst still being able to dual-wield fancy and exotic weaponry!

    *I don’t, nor will i ever, own an iPad

  • Can’t believe that I’m the only one in comments who actually sees the utility of a hand strap for the iPad.

    Ever been to a conference? People spruiking stuff can have the iPad strapped to their hand all day rather than holding it and risk dropping it. People on the street, taking surveys straight into an iPad. Teacher in a classroom. Stock, or inventory management guy in a stock room. Delivery guy. Basically anyone who has to talk, walk and use an iPad at the same time could benefit from this.

    The watch thing is dumb though.

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