Military Strategy? No, Orgarhythm Is A ‘Music Strategy’ Game

Military Strategy? No, Orgarhythm Is A ‘Music Strategy’ Game

Takeshi Hirai, the main programmer for Shenmue and the technical director for Space Channel Part 2, is bringing rhythm and tactical warfare together to the PS Vita.

Scheduled for release in Japan this summer, Orgarhythm is “music strategy” genre game published by game maker Acquire, in which the player takes on the role of a deity commanding 3 different tribes (the fire tribe, the water tribe, and the earth tribe) and defeating enemies through rhythmical interaction. In an interview with Weekly Famitsu, Hirai said that he wanted to break away from the standard rhythm game where the player must follow the beat, and create an atmosphere through where the player would want to act in synch with the background music.

The game’s music is based off of tribal music with a mixture of rock and heavy beats, as can be heard on the teaser site that was recently put up.

The game will also feature co-op and vs modes for up to 2 players and is apparently balanced so that even people who are adept at rhythm games but inexperienced at strategy games can still have an advantage and vice-versa. Of course, players good at both genres will have the greatest advantage. (People like me on the other hand, are doomed…)

週刊ファミ通 [週刊ファミ通]


  • So it’s a better version of Army Corps of Hell? I liked the look of that game but it was apparently flawed, but this has caught my attention. I love rhythm games. Let’s hope it’s like Patapon.

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