Modern Warfare 3 Player Demolishes The Opposing Team In One Run

Against all odds of flash grenades, timid teammates, and an onslaught of enemies, one intrepid warrior makes it through the battlefield alive. Or for an impressive while at least.

Watch as YouTube user AznShuffler156 tears through the opposing team while his teammates hide behind riot shields and creep around corners. Equipped with an MP5 with extended mags, AznShuffler156 manages to shred his enemies to pieces, even through blinding flashbangs. Those numbers just keep going up and up.

Plowing Ahead [AmazingFilms247]


    Are all the guns like this? My jaw was on the ground when I saw how little recoil those guns had. No vertical climb at all!

      Thats why the kids love it. Not much skill or tactics needed.

        But they'll all tell you it negates the randomness of the game and leaves only skill.

          No, Quake 3 negated the randomness and left only skill.

          You're still looking at random:
          Equipment and Grenades
          Death Streaks

    Actually there is a wide assortment of performance in MW3 weapons. No, not all the guns are like the MP5. People love it because you can apply about as much tactic and skill as you want at any given time. Spoiler alert - run in like a dumbass and get your butt handed to you by someone who cares - just saying bro...

      Agreed! So sick of the COD bashers who haven't even played the game properly. \

    lol, in BF3, surviving for 39 seconds without dying would earn you very little pride.

      Neither would lasting 39 secs in Super Mario World. Whats your point?

    It's also easier when the other team just crowds in 1 place like in this clip.

    I think this video has less to do about gun recoil and more to do about the absolute crap tactics used by the opposing team. The had their WHOLE team funneling through one choke point and just repeatedly spamming grenades and flashbangs. No one was flanking. They were just funneling themselves into a rain of deadly bullets..

    Also....slow news day?

    My god.
    The spam. Nades everywhere.
    This is disgusting...


    Couldn't make this shit up if I tried.

    I lol when BF3 players don't realise COD is about being a one man army.

      That's true, but it doesn't require much skill to down an entire team by yourself if they are all sitting in a choke point jerking off.

    Seen it happen before in MW -- usually with help of an aimbot though ;p

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