Modern What? No, Look At This Battlefield 3 Expansion Trailer

By sheer coincidence, total accident and obvious happenstance, today, on the day that three new maps are made available for Modern Warfare 3's Xbox 360 Elite subscribers, we've been given a trailer to show you for some new Battlefield 3 DLC.

It's just amazing how this happens.

It's like, no sooner do we tell you that the first $US15 Modern Warfare 3 downloadable content collection is coming out (for next week), then — bam! — here comes the trailer for the next $US15 Battlefield 3 expansion.

The weird thing is that I was shown all of this stuff last week, and the MW3 people had already picked today as the day for their new maps. The BF3 people picked the same day to let the world see their new DLC trailer.

This trailer is for Close Quarters, BF3's June 2012 DLC pack. Four maps (hey, that's two fewer than the MW3 pack!), 10 new weapons and an emphasis on infantry combat. The creators of the expansions say they want to deliver more than a map pack. They want to offer something that suits a theme. The already-released Back to Karkand, for example, was a throwback to classic maps in the Battlefield series. Later DLC expansion will focus on giant-map vehicle combat and something that suits the title "End Game."

The trailer's good, and all, but the coolest thing publisher EA and development studio DICE are showing might be this single before-and-after screenshot.

Take a look. (I recommend expanding this image.)



    Trailer is pretty cool, but I have to say that I don't play 'Beef' for close quarters experiences. This seems to be targeting the MW3 crowed, I would be happier to see more large maps that include all vehicle types. That's why I play Battlefield games. I'll probably still buy this though because it will still be fun if the environment destruction is as condensed as it appears in the video.

      I think its more targeting the players that simply play Metro 24/7 maps.

      Agreed. This map pack is targeting those who wanna boost their stats, and get unlocks rapidly.
      BF has always been a big strategic game of scissors, rock, paper.
      This is definitely more like MW.

      Next expo after this one is supposed to deal with vehicles. Then there's a third that they haven't released info on yet.

    "End Game" looks to me like it's going to be a small-scale map with large-scale destruction.

    What I'd really like to see a before and after screenshot of is the server browser screen, showing it before and after their forthcoming "we've fixed the ****ing Australian servers" patch. At least that patch had better be forthcoming, because I'm certainly not going to fork out money on DLC for a game that I can't actually play anymore.

      i played it a little this morning before i left for work, i had no problems at all

    I dont think you mentioned MW3 enough in this article O.o

    End Game might involve nukes

    Wonder if "End Game" will be like a 32+ player co-op to get smaller objectives, leading up to something big, i.e. stopping a nuke or something like that.

    LOL at how Battlefield is releasing its dlc earlier on ps3 as opposed to COD that releases it earlier on Xbox!

    i fucking love the infantry combat of this game, it's so under rated

    Considering Dice are tight lipped on the last expansion, i'd assume it's something that takes a different road to other themed packs, so i'm taking a guess that 'End Game' will be some sort of expansion like Vietnam on BC2, possibly a BF 2143 themed set.

    that or we play as giant chess pieces.

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