Molydeux Strikes Back - With A Game Jam

You may be familiar with Peter Molydeux, the parody Twitter account of veteran game developer Peter Molyneux. Known for throwing bizarre and often hilarious game ideas out into the world, there is now a game jam being set up in his honour.

After the world premiere of the above trailer for Molydeux's latest parody, Pin Drop, Double Fine Studios' Anna Kipnis tweeted the idea of a game jam where each team picks from a pool of ideas that Peter Molydeux has tweeted. Molydeux responded, giving the game jam his blessing.

MolyJam2012 is set to kick off on March 31 in Brighton and the San Francisco Bay Area. More than 50 people have signed up for the Bay Area event and a half dozen have signed up for the Brighton event.

While Peter Molydeux has said he will not be able to attend the jam, the real Peter Molyneux has signed up to follow the event online.

Organisers behind MolyJam2012 include Anna Kipnis, Brandon Sheffield, Patrick Klepek, Chris Remo, Jake Rodkin, Joe Kowalski and Edward Parris. The event sign-up list can be viewed here.

[UPDATE: There is now an official site for MolyJam2012. Melbourne has also been added to the list of game jam sites.]

[The Verge]


    This is as wonderfully surreal as the whole ME3 ending petition is terrible.

    Seriously, I can't be more pleasantly amused by this idea!!

    I said on yesterday's article about this: this is an incredibly awesome thing! :)

    I'm glad this is happening. I still genuinely believe the FIFA one is an excellent idea - would actually lend real weight to a game like Mass Effect of Deus Ex.

    More emotional expression here than then entire Star Wars prequels

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