Motocross Bikes Soar At Awkward Angles In Trials Evolution's Newest Screenshots

You may perhaps remember that racing/platforming/puzzleish XBLA game Trials HD about injuring yourself on a motocross bike. Its sequel, Trials Evolution seems to be even more genre defying.

Not satisfied with only meshing three unlikely genres together, RedLynx — the developer behind Trials — has thrown in first person shooting, arcade shooting, and pinball (that's a genre, right?) as you can see in this video. Fresh from Microsoft's Spring Showcase, these screenshots also show off the new four-player multiplayer — both local and online — in depth level editor, and character customisation.

Don't worry, you won't have to wait too long to smash your head against a cliff face with some buddies. Trials Evolution is slated for a spring release.


    This game in my pants

      You win the Internet with that comment.

      Also - this looks awesome. Hopefully the difficulty curve isn't as brutal as the original.

    The last trials was so frigen addictive. This one looks like it will deliver aswell, bring it on!!!

    Serrels should be writing this article.

    Or Fatshady.

      Yeah pick me... :)

      Man, draw distance, graphics, locations, atmosphere, multiplayer, leaderboards and a crazy ass editor.. I am so freaking excited about this game. Can't wait to play it.

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