MotoHeroz HD Combines Racing And Platforming For A Fast, Fun Ride

Dev studio RedLynx created a genuine phenomenon with their physics-happy motorbike racer Trials HD. That Xbox 360 exclusive turned hordes of gamers into obsessive-compulsive stunt riders, trying to notch ever better performances out of their thumbs.

MotoHeroz uses the same formula but adds a rally-racing twist and a hefty helping of platforming elements. Originally released for a downloadable title for WiiWare, MotoHeroz makes players racecar drivers in a brightly coloured gameworld filled with ramps, looping launches and, occasionally, jet packs. You'll tear down the track against a ghost opponents, including one that you'll need to beat to advance.

The simple controls — forward, backward, and rotate — make MotoHeroz perfect for porting to the iPad. You'll need a challenging level of precision to get the best track times, though. If you over-rotate during a jump, you'll wind up on landing your roof. Sure, a quick shake rights your ride but you'll still lose precious seconds. The game's touchscreen controls and physics simulation feel sharp and the levels are bite-sized enough for you to knock out a few while waiting in line at the supermarket. There's the expected bits of micro-transaction — upgrades and tracks packs — but the core experience is simple and fun. MotoHeroz HD proves that RedLynx can work their Trials-style magic in the mobile arena, too.

MotoHeroz HD [$0.99, iTunes]


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