My Favorite Aspect Of Mass Effect 3 Is The Hideous Plastic Party People

There is such a thing as too much pretty. One can only stare into the face of Commander Shepard and friends so before being overwhelmed. Perhaps that's why BioWare left us this tiny slice of ugly — to keep us grounded.

I love the little shortcuts that go into developing a game on the scale of Mass Effect 3. Developers don't need to waste time on things like party-goers on a completely unreachable area. Who's going to look there, anyway?

If anything the area serves as a monument to all the folks that worked their arses off to make Mass Effect 3 look and play as well as it does; a way of saying "aren't you glad it doesn't look like this?"

Sort of.


    So Medusa is the reason for everything. It all makes sense now!

    anybody else get a honey badger vibe from this

    I thought the area with those guys in it was artistically awesome and instantly wanted a little desktop model of the scene.

      Yeah, I noticed it when I was playing as well, it reminded me of a matte painting for a movie/TV series set, and given the series heritage that might have even been deliberate.

    His voice and the way he talks makes me want to kill myself.

      Yeah he labours the point painfully over and over again...

    So what really most Fps games use shortcuts for details which are never meant to be explored up close, if you have a look at the likes of Bf3, trees outside the playable area are sprites and fairly ugly ones at that. No point wasteing frame rate rendering an area which you will never go to and is only intended as a backdrop.

    When I played the game took a quick look over the edge and I remember thinking how good those models looked. I guess it worked on me.

    Also, this video is way too long.

    That doesn't really bother me as much as the fact that a lot of the people around the parts of the Citadel you do see throughout the whole game look like they are frozen in time or have the genetic code of a Goldfish spliced into them. It's kind of creepy when you start noticing that people aren't moving, or that they just repeat the same motion over and over again.

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