Namco Bandai Is Ripping Off A Japanese Store?

Namco Bandai Is Ripping Off A Japanese Store?

Namco Bandai’s idol simulator The Idolmaster seems to be getting more than inspiration from an online retailer.

The “rare” Idolmaster card for character Megumi Ijuin looks exactly like a photo spotted on Japanese internet retail site Sunflower. Just look at the above comparison.

The card is featured in the new social Idolmaster game called Cinderella Girls. Players collect cards and then level them up.

Many artists use fashion magazines as inspiration in creating new designs. But there’s nothing new created. Even the pose is the same. It’s a straight-up copy!

More unsettling is that Namco Bandai even has this copyright for the card: “All card pictures © 2012, NBGI. All rights reserved.” Who knows, maybe Namco paid for the pic right. But it could’ve at least changed it a little more.

モバゲー終了のお知らせ アイドルマスターに完全盗用疑惑! [Otanew]


  • “Who knows, maybe Namco paid for the pic right.”

    Who knows? Maybe as a news writer you should know before writing your article. I find it perplexing that you damn Namco Bandai for using a fashion magazine as a reference for a Japanese anime idol card art without even investigating whether they gained the rights to use the image in question, and yet elsewhere on Kotaku we see praises for EA’s life-like depiction of Commander Shepherd (based on a real person who looks identical) because clearly they’re not copying that person’s face, they’re just, uh, “re-envisioning” his face

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