Namco Bandai Puts A Giant "X" On A Website

Namco Bandai Puts A Giant "X" On A Website

Another teaser website. Sick of them yet? This latest one from Namco Bandai is for a new title. The teaser site has a giant “X” on it. Fascinating.

New Title [Namco Bandai]


  • Perhaps you could, I don’t know, hypothesize that maybe it could be an announcement for a title from Namco that features an ‘X’ in the title.

    Oh, I don’t know, Tekken X Street Fighter?

    • Ashcraft? Do some sort of investigating that doesn’t involve copying news from other websites? Preposterous!

  • Super Tekken X Street Fighter coming soon, with 6 new characters available as day one on the disk dlc and a whole patch fixing the critical bugs from the last game.

    • See that post would be hilarious, except for that fact that Bandai are pretty well known for NOT with holding content from their games.

      Maybe next time you could actually read his post before letting your fingers touch the keyboard.

      • lol, your post IS hilarious…

        You would read up on both Ridge Racer and Touch My Katamari, hell even as far back as Beautiful Katamari on the 360 in about 2007/08, where they released about $40 worth of “DLC” levels that were already on the disc.

        Namco aren’t on the same level as Capcom, but they are no where near that squeaky clean.

  • Were this Capcom, I’d be all “Megaman X…?”, but no, it’s just a boring NamcoBandai thing. Gundam X is possible, though.

  • Tekken X Street Fighter…mystery solved.

    If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Namco has been working on a Tekken/Street Fighter crossover in relation to Capcom’s Street Fighter X Tekken.

    It will also be using the Tekken 6 engine.

    They’ve been working on it as long as Capcom has too, so comes to show they’re putting more time into it.

    • They may have been working on it for a while, but at the time it was announced Harada and his team were deep in development for TTT2, whereas SSF4:AE had just been released so Ono and crew had relatively little left on their plate. I don’t think it’s “putting more time into it” so much as “having less time to put into it”.

      All that said, I’m more into 3D fighters myself, so I’m very much interested to see how Tekken X SF turns out.

  • It’s the long awaited BMX XXX series reboot, going back to basics with a singular ‘X’. Namco is keen as mustard to get on board the western development gravy train and sauce established IP’s with instant brand awareness, even if the original title left players feeling salty. Condiments.

    400 MS Points for Day 1 DLC which unlocks an exclusive Red Bull branded half-pipe and also registers your name and address on a publicly available sex offender list. Also contains Facebook support. XTREME FACEBOOK SUPPORT.

    • Only 400msp for that DLC? Surely its at least 1200, it has both a new texture AND online features after all!

  • Considering it’s going to use the Tekken engine, I wonder if Tekken X Street Fighter will have projectiles? (Hadouken etc)

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