Namco Bandai Updates Its 'X' With 'Action Adventure'

Thrilling! Day two of Namco Bandai's drip-fed PR continues. In this instalment of irritating corporate promotion, Namco Bandai added the words "action adventure" in Japanese, along with three question marks.

I don't know what the game is, but unless it's something utterly fantastic, I already hate it.

New Title [Namco Bandai]


    Adventure eh? Fine I'll just rejig my wrong guess yesterday:

    'Super Tales of Xillla'

    You heard it hear first ;)

      'heard it hear' >< why?!!!! *sob*

      Yeah, considering that they've done the same thing with Innocence, Vesperia and Graces recently I wouldn't be surprised. I'm all for it however if it means we get it coming over here.

    Hmmm, so that rules out tekken x street fighter

      I was hoping it would be the announcement of tekken x street fighter...

    I highly doubt it'll be a HunterXHunter game...

    ??? has now been replaced with SQUARE TRIANGLE CIRCLE

    ps3 game confirmed

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