NBA 2K Online Isn't About Basketball, But Girls

China loves basketball. Fans stay up all night to watch NBA games. They adore the sport. So you'd think NBA 2K Online, the online version of NBA 2K, would be an easy sell. So why the ladies?

The game's Chinese operator, Tencent, aggressively promoting the game with girls in the bikinis, thigh-high socks, and hats. At least one of them, An Xiao Yi, has some name recognition in China.

Though surely Tencent could've tapped the psyche of Chinese basketball fans better than this. No? [Tencent]


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    If you're going to give someone shit, at least learn to spell! Any why click on the link in the first place? The heading implies the post will about girls. If it offends you, why add to the page view numbers?

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