Nearly 6 Million Years Of World Of Warcraft Healthy For Players' Brains

A number of recent research studies conducted on games and gamers have found a generally positive trend in the effect that gaming has on players' brains, the Wall Street Journal Reports. Not only is World of Warcraft good for senior citizens brain function, it's good for a lot of other groups as well.

Some of the studies covered in the article are at this point well known, while some are newer. The general trend, they observe, is that gaming seems to be good for you, and increases creativity. One study they cite found:

Almost any computer game appears to boost a child's creativity, researchers at Michigan State University's Children and Technology Project reported in November.

A three-year study of 491 middle school students found that the more children played computer games the higher their scores on a standardized test of creativity-regardless of race, gender, or the kind of game played.

Mixed in among all the research findings, however, the article also drops one particularly mind-boggling statistic:

By one analyst's calculation, the 11 million or so registered users of the online role-playing fantasy World of Warcraft collectively have spent as much time playing the game since its introduction in 2004 as humanity spent evolving as a species-about 50 billion hours of game time, which adds up to about 5.9 million years.

That's very nearly six million years of World of Warcraft played worldwide. How fortunate we are, then, that these moments seem to rewrite the brain in a positive way, and not a negative one.

When Gaming Is Good for You [Wall Street Journal]


    Again; causality vs correlation - just because the more children played games the higher their creativity was, doesn't mean gaming was the cause.

    Either these researchers or the journalists reporting these stories need to learn year one level logic.

      yeah - could be related to paternal wealth - ie - ricer parents can afford games for their kids - poor ones can't or a number of other factors

      Good thing we have someone who did first year statistics to point out the problems in a three year study performed by actual researchers, based on a brief citation in a related article.

        Are you saying that they actually HAVE proven that WoW rewires the brain; or do you just have sand in your vag?

    World of Warcraft rewrites the brain in a positive way...

    Offical World of Warcraft Forums rewrites the brain in a negative way..

      Forums and comment section on the internet rewrite the brain in a negative way.For its size i find the offical wow forums to be a hellva lot better than the offical elder scrolls forums. man thats a scary forum

        I find I have a much brighter world view now I avoid reading game forums unless I have to.

    I remember when i used to play WoW, reading trade chat in capital cities, most people appeared to be retards

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