Never Has Tokyo Looked So Hypnotic

Photographer Holger Mette created this Tokyo time-lapse video over the span of last month with only a Canon 5D mk2. The result is spectacular.

Mette aims to shoot other cities as well in time-lapse. For more, check out his travel blog.

Tokyo in Timelapse [Japan Probe]


    Fantastic, makes me want to go back to Japan. Looking forward to see what other cities Holger will give us.

    This would be awesome if he could get up the front of a shinkansen and do a timelapse of a run on one of the lines.

    "...with only a Canon 5D mk2."

    You make that sound like the 5D is not an incredible camera, a professional tool that has done a lot of professional work:

    As always, the main cost of top-level photography is the glass on the front, but this and the quality of the camera is largely by-the-by; this video shows a lot of hard work and a lot of talent!

      I was about to say exactly the same thing.

      "Only". Pffft.

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