New Final Fantasy Versus XIII Info? Hrm…

New Final Fantasy Versus XIII Info? Hrm…

Square Enix has been making Final Fantasy Versus XIII for a long, long time. Gamers aren’t playing the game yet; rather, they’re playing the waiting for it game. The Versus designer, Tetsuya Nomura said the latest info about the title is ready to roll, but… But….
“We’re almost done with preparing the latest info for the game,” Nomura apparently told Japanese game magazine Famitsu in a yet unpublished interview.

“Because of a totally unrelated reason, there are circumstances in which that info cannot be released.”

Oddly, he said that since he cannot talk about this, all he can keep doing is keep the discussions ongoing. It’s not clear what exactly he means.

Previously, Nomura teased that new info about the overdue game would be released shortly.

Famitsu has not gone on sale yet in Japan. These quotes are the only bits of information that have leaked out so far regarding this Nomura interview, making these less quotes and more like Sphinx riddles.

Once Kotaku has the magazine, we’ll hopefully be able to provide more context and clarity.

情報を出せない事情がある [ゲーム情報!ゲームのはなし]


  • I’ve had Versus written off as vaporware for a very long time now. However if DNF can see the light of day maybe this can too.

    That said however considering the sour taste FFXIII-2 left in my mouth I’d be skeptical about getting Versus now.

    • One thing you should know about Square -They finish their games, dude. Name a single SQEX game that actually DID become vaporware.

    • I’m a little skeptical too, but at the same time I have hope.

      You know the reason it’s called FF “Versus”XIII is because the team working on it went against the design decisions regarding FF XIII.

      The team that worked on XIII said that a modern FF on the scope FFX or VII is impossible with the requirements of time/manpower of today’s market and machines.
      One side of SE contested this and were given the go ahead to produce Final Fantasy VERSUS XIII, an attempt at making a full fledged, Final fantasy game to take it’s place among the old ones.

      Anyways…..just thought that might give you a little inspiration

      • What? That’s not true. The game isn’t a full fledged FF game, it uses the same combat engine as Kingdom Hearts for crying out loud. It’s even less like the old FF games than 13 was.

        Where on earth are you getting your info from Felix? Don’t make up stuff.

        • Um, Every final fantasy in existence has had a radically different system for battle.

          Besides, I fail to see how the combat being more action orientated (and free-form like KH’s was) means the game isn’t a fully fledged FF game., surely you wouldn’t argue the same for the series’ switch from 2D to 3D, so how does the evolution of the combat system not make it a proper FF?

          To clarify, by fully fledged, I (and the Versus Team) meant an FF with a world map, towns, NPCs, gear, shops, sidequests, minigames ect.
          That is what the XIII team believed was impossible to do (Have a look at XIII-2), as the resources for building a full game world like FFVII for instance is immense, hence the VERSUS XIII title for the upcoming game that hopes to challenge that position.

      • FF versus XIII was called versus because it went against the main themes that make an FF an FF. ie. it was too dark and some other reasons.

        It was FF enough to be called FF, so they called it versus.

        • Too dark? The only significant departures in theme are the pseudo-realistic characters with modern tech/backdrop and the addition of more graphic violence in the CG work.

          To say it’s “too dark” is odd, the entire series has dealt with death, mass murder, mutation, human experimentation, manipulation and countless other “dark” themes in great detail, and generally as a central plot.

          What I said earlier was true, FF is called versus because of what I already said and because it was a part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis collection without being the “flagship title”

          Much like the prior games such as FFVII Agagio

    • I never considered it Vaporware simply because as long as it was being made Kingdom Hearts 3 wasn’t. You don’t tie up the primary Kingdom Hearts dev team for something you’re not sure you’ll put out.

  • Ahh…I can’t wait to hear further details…like when will it be released?

    It’s been a very long time though…I still remember first hearing about it in 2007 ..a little while after FFXII was released.

  • I wonder what these circumstances are?

    They’re stuck on a major decision about how the final games going to be? Or maybe they’re having internal issues with staff involved with the game, like maybe a VA for the next trailer isn’t co operating, or isn’t well. Geez, I guess it could be a lot of things.

  • If Bethesda can make Skyrim in just a few years with a whole new engine and a giant world with thousands of live NPC’s, real time physics and open world rendering, SE has no excuse whatsoever for the delay of versus xIII. (instead, they decided to make XIII-2, a completely forgettable game that was no where near as great as the oldies) Also, that final fantasy 7 remake comment they made about how it would be too big of a job…i call BS. Final fantasy 7 isn’t even open world and it didn’t even have advanced enemy AI like sky rim. can someone explain this to me?

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