New Game Peripheral Tweets Your Masturbation Stats

And you thought browser game tweets were irritating? Japanese adult game studio Tech Arts 3D developed the Onacon, a USB controller peripheral than runs on computer power — and that you put your ding-a-ling in.

According to sister site Gizmodo Japan, Onacon software dubbed "Ona Counter" can keep track of player's playing with themselves time, their play frequency, and their "average speed" when using the peripheral.

Tech Arts 3D doesn't see its Onacon as a peripheral for erotic games only, but for other games, too. Ona Counter can apparently send your stats to Twitter and to Japanese social networking site Mixi. Yep, e-penis for real!

オナホールへの挿入速度や回数を計測し [Gizmodo]


    One - they should release this in Australia

    Two - why the fuck does it upload stats to Twitter!

    Add achievement support then we can talk.

      bahaha thats hilarious!

      Lol this comment alone made my morning!

    just made my day!

    I think this is taking social networking just a little too far ...
    It should track how worn out the rubber is and alert your friends around the time of your birthday.

    Wow, didn't read this news story on Sankaku Complex weeks ago, just like 99% of Brian's other articles. And pretty sure the twitter feed software was made by a user, not by the device's manufacturer...

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