New Grand Theft Auto, Final Fantasy Games Could Be Headed To Vita

British retailer has accidentally leaked the names of four upcoming PlayStation Vita titles, according to a news report published today.

A tipster sent gaming website Eurogamer the above screenshot, which contains retail listings for Vita games Monster Hunter Portable 3, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Nights, Tales of Innocence R and Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.

Monster Hunter Portable 3 may be related to the PSP game Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, which publisher Capcom never released outside of Japan.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Nights could be a portable spinoff or remake of publisher Rockstar's popular open-world game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Its title is somewhat reminiscent of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, which Rockstar released for Sony's Vita predecessor, the PlayStation Portable, in 2005.

Publisher Namco Bandai has already released the roleplaying game Tales of Innocence R in Japan, though it has not yet announced localisation for the U.S. or Europe.

Perhaps the most interesting news here is an HD version of action-RPG Final Fantasy Type-0, which publisher Square Enix released for PlayStation Portable in Japan last year. Although the chances that we'll see that PSP game in the U.S. or Europe seem fairly slim, an HD remake for PlayStation Vita is far more likely to make its way over here.

Sony has said it will announce a new wave of PlayStation Vita games on March 9. I've reached out to Sony for comment and will update if I hear anything. leaks Vita games Monster Hunter Portable 3, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Nights [Eurogamer]


    If 'HD Remakes' of PSP games for PS Vita are on the cards, maybe we can still convince Sega to release Valkyria Chronicles 3 as well.

    Also I really hope that's correct regarding Tales of Innocence.

      :D +1 for Tales of Innocence R and Type-0 HD

      My phat PSP is too old and crappy to get enough loving so this would be great news if I ever get a Vita. I haven't really gotten into Valkyria Chronicles yet but it would be better if we got all the releases.

      VC3 on Vita would be awesome!

      I never played 2 or 3 cause it was on the psp, would be good to have a remake for the vita

    I'm really hoping to see a release PSP or otherwise of Type-0.

    I already have MHP3rd on PSP, so I'm a bit sad the Vita version won't have anything new (the title is the same ffs)

    I was expecting FFType-0 HD though. No US PSP release..? Of course this was planned lol.

    I was about to order Tales of Innocence R in Japanese, but I'll wait for the english one now lol.

    DAMMIT Rockstar, make a San Andreas Stories already.

    i guess type-zero HD would make more sense than them bringing it to PSP now, seeing as PSP is pretty much dead over here...

    Sweet Jeebus. MHP3 and FF Type-0 on Vita. Just lock me away in a small room now, because I won't be out for some time.

    I believe most of these are fakes generated by 4chan, don't get your hopes up guys.

    There is a thead on neogaf discussing it.

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