New Ratchet & Clank Collection Thankfully Omits The Bad One

You'll be able to buy a Ratchet & Clank Collection for PlayStation 3 later this year. It collects the first three games in the series, all wonderful, all from the PS2.

It omits the fourth PS2 Ratchet, the armored-hero multilplayer-centric, more badass Deadlocked. We would like to commend Sony and Ratchet creators Insomniac for their good taste in Ratchet & Clanks. More details at the PlayStation Blog.


    I'm aboard! Ratchet series on the PS2 for me was like the Crash series on PS1.

    Any word if they are altering 1 to include upgradeable weapons/armour?

    No Secret Agent Clank? :(

      yes, I am being sarcastic.

        Sony could release another HD Collection for the PSP games later on. there was at least a cuple of them, why not make ANOTHER HD re-release. God of War did it, why cant R&C?

      just wait for... Ratchet and Clank Trilogy : Part 2

      Ratchet & Clank Gladiator
      Ratchet & Clank Size Matters
      Secret Agent Clank


    But why? Ratchet Gladiator was actually my favourite game in the series. It was short, but it was hard and really streamlined, it has the best combat of the entire series, including the ps3 games.

      It was just missing everything else that made the series good.

    I wonder how well they've aged.
    For something like the Jak series there's no specific comparison with current gen, but I can't help but feel I'll compare these to their PS3 sequels which I thought were some of the best, gorgeous action platformers around.

    I actually really enjoyed Deadlocked. Even if it was included, you can choose not to play it, so I say they should've included it and I'm really dissapointed they didn't.

    I quite enjoyed Deadlocked/Gladiator when it came out, while it wasn't the same as the rest of the games, it was a good change. Also i'm hearing word NA gets it in their fall (our spring) and an extra something to celebrate the anniversary for the series, which you have to wonder why delay it 4 months for something extra?

    I only joined the Ratchet and Clank party with Tools for PS3, so I'm totally looking forward to playing through the originals in crisp, HD loveliness.
    I'm a big fan of these HD re-releases.

    I'm quite surprised Insomniac haven't made a decent multiplayer R&C yet. Both Deadlocked and All4One I played through with my best mate (both of us rabid R&C fans), and both times we were sourly disappointed.

      I was pretty happy with Gladiator/Deadlocked.
      All4One was pretty horrible. "Let's include cutscenes all over the place, that can't be skipped, ever, even if you've seen them 50 times, and even if you're playing solo!".

    What no love for the PS Vita, come on release it on the Vita as well

    Yup, even though I've got all of the originals, I would indeed love to play them again in hi-def. I'll no doubt be getting it. ^_^

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