Nintendo Says Japanese Newspaper Is Making Crap Up. Again.

Late last week, respected Japanese newspaper Nikkei (and seemingly Nintendo's nemesis of late) reported that the Kyoto-based game maker would be launching the 3DS in South Korea next month. That launch would be followed by a release in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Mainland China.

According to the Nikkei piece (viewable here), Nintendo now looks at Asia as being wide-open and up for grabs. The company apparently blames to redouble its efforts in South Korea, Taiwan, and China.

The Nikkei reported that the 3DS would launch in South Korean on April 28. This summer, the Nikkei added, it would hit Hong Kong and Taiwan as well as China. In China, however, the portable would be rebranded the iQue3DS as Nintendo handhelds are called "iQue" in China.

Nintendo released a statement: "Concerning the Nikkei report 'Nintendo Targeting the Asian Market', the article isn't anything our company is possibly announcing, nor is it anything this company is confirming. What Nikkei wrote is based on speculation."

One thing that isn't speculation: In Jan. 2011, Nintendo trademarked "iQue3DS" in China.

本日の日経産業新聞の報道について [任天堂]

(Top photo: Ben Margot | AP)


    "The company apparently blames to redouble its efforts in South Korea, Taiwan, and China."

    Sounds like it's all their fault to me?

    Awesome cover picture. Just hang on one f**** second. :P

      Come on now guys... just hold up, alright?

    Normally I ignore typos, but this one was clearly just a lazy chop job.

    The KR market is a joke for Nintendo, every kid has a flash card and Nintendo regularly delays product launches by a year or more (apart from Skyward Sword). Maybe the 3DS would help fight rampant piracy

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