Nintendo's Official Spokesdog Is The Cutest

This is Uggie. He's Nintendo's official canine representative. He's also the most adorable thing ever.

Just look at him playing with that 3DS. How does he even know what to do? Can he see 3D? Can dogs see 3D? What are his favourite games? I guess the obvious answer is Nintendogs + Cats, but I feel like that might freak him out. What if he starts thinking he's in a video game?


    i think that uggie is the cutest thing ever, i want him! first nintengo real dog ever, and its the best!

    Awwwww... He thinks he's people....

    WRONG. NOT THE MOST ADORABLE. Have you seen my dog? Obviously you haven't... Google "Shiba Inu puppies" and look at one of the reddish-ones. Looks exactly like my dog.

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