Nintendo's Shameless 1970's Advertising

Before Nintendo made home console titles and hardware, the company made, among other things, arcade games. Behold, then, the might and majesty of Nintendo's advertising, circa the late 1970s. In which the company releases clones of other people's games (in this case Space Invaders), and is damn proud of it to boot!

Flyers out of reach [Arcade Flyers]


    i hate you luke

    I don't get it...this 2 ad is from Nintendo. If you can read mandarin or kanji then you will find that the first 3 letters at the bottom right of the 2nd ad is "Nintendo".

    Go climb a wall of dicks luke

    Hey! Leave Luke alone, he is a very good journalist. In fact, I model my own news articles after his:
    "Hey look at this picture."

    Was that before or after they hire Miyamoto?
    I believed Miyamoto was not in the team, or not yet been given the opportunity on big tasks.

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