Now You Can Buy Sheet Music For Bastion's Best Tunes

I (and everyone else on the planet basically) loved the music to Bastion. Now, SuperGiant is selling sheet music for four of the songs from the game.

Awesome. These tunes are simple enough that just about anyone could learn them, yet iconic and fun to play. Especially if you match composer Darren Korb's dropped guitar tunings.

Bastion Sheet Music [SuperGiant Games]


    Not sure about "Buy" - I just checked out the site and it's FREE. Yes, Bastion sheet music for free! Now how to we buy the narrator...?

      *do (damn my typos). Also, just got the link in my inbox to grab the PDF's. All legit, guitar and piano.


      Errr, I mean, thanks for pointing that out. I was just going to go and look for some illegitimate version to download somewhere, but this saves me a lot of effort...

    For the low-low price of free, this isn't bad, but it'd be nice to have the full score and not just the arrangement...

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