Nvidia's New Video Card Leaks, Looks Mighty

This video is described as (and almost certainly is) the launch video for Nvidia's new GPU, the GTX680, leaked ahead of schedule.

In the video, Nvidia's VP of corporate marketing Ujesh Desai walks us through the new features of the superpowered GPU, focusing on a new feature called "GPU Boost," which takes unused power and reroutes it to processing tasks, essentially overclocking the card on the fly.

He also demonstrates a new type of anti-aliasing he calls TXAA, which allows for much smoother, better-performing AA in games, as well as updates to the PhysX physics system and some high quality hair-simulation. At one point, a giant Bigfoot-looking thing gets blow-dried.

I haven't gotten a new graphics card in a while, and while I don't usually throw down for top-of-the-line stuff, I would like to see Skyrim running on four monitors someday...


    mmmm, gigantic video card... *drools*

    I'm looking into a rebuild later this year, so hopefully by the time I'm ready to build, there will be Factory Overclocked versions of these card, as well as the FOC versions of the 7970 cards too.

    this looks yum...... about time I upgraded my ASUS GTX 550Ti Direct CU? .....maybe :D


    And I shall call him squishy and love him and pat him.

      and i might get the graphics card too.

    I have a 580, will probably save this for my next PC sometime next year.

    I could play with that column fracture demo for hours.

      It sounds kinky, but it sounds painful.

    Need to upgrade from this ancient GTX285..

      Time to upgrade from SLi GTX260

      Need to upgrade from this prehistoric 9600GT...

        Haha I can top that. you ready -
        ugh, even saying it makes me feel dirty... i need a new card.

      quite suprisingly, i still have a GTX280, long story, was part of my TRI-SLI setup until my mobo died and couldnt be replaced, which meant 2 of my friends scored a spare gtx280 each. Anyhow, i recently flashed it with an EVGA GTX280 FTW edition BIOS, and I gotta say, i had the option to buya GTX580 a couple of days ago and i passed it by.

      I mean, im running skyrim on 1920x1200 on high settings at about 65 FPS, BF3 on High at 1920x1200 @ 55 FPS, so i honestly couldnt justify it. Dont get me wrong, when i do upgrade i always upgrade to the latest and greatest, but i usually hold back from doing so until im at a point where my system can no longer handle games at full hd on a minimum of high settings at a stable 50-60fps. Which i estimate will happen in the next 3 months...

        Because it's time to go 120FPS with a 120hz monitor for the next level of amazing gameplay

    All those console ports will look so sweet with these cards

      I am unsure if you are mocking people for having PC's or are just being small minded ?

        I think he's pointing out that having a PC with such power is becoming less important by the minute due to the abundance of console ports that dominate the market these days.

          Fair enough jake, good point, Also i have no retort.

        Actually i think he's pointing out that the excess power is becoming increasingly unnecessary as games are being dumbened down graphically as the development process has now become console-centric, with a half arsed pc version resulting from the process.

    Love that dynamic pillar destruction. Hate the fact my 6990 is becoming obsolete.

    i currently have a 580, if this works with my current motherboard im buying, if not i buy new motherboard and processor

    Planning on upgrading to one of these bad boys when it comes out

    My dual 275's simply use too much power and create too much heat.

    They haven't struggled with anything though which is nice.

    only 1 milllllliooon dolllarrrrs...

    looks neat, think i'll pass.

    all that talk and 1 power connector 0_0 Looks like Nvidia is stepping up to the plate... Now lets see the cost :D

    Skyrim would look delicious with this bad boy...

      Isnt skyrim all about c.p.u. power?My gtx 560ti's play it all maxed out at 60 fps.

        I have 590 :( the FPS has a weird drop cant figure out why.. bf3 and crysis2 runs smooooooth

        hexcore i7
        16gb ram

        any ideas?

    I don't get the need for the insane power yet.

    I have an i7 2600 and gtx550ti and the only thing that struggles is Crysis 2 with the high def pack installed and full tesselation. Everything else I have thrown at it runs on max settings no problems.

    Had SLI set ups in the past. But its too much hassle and the cards always seem to die quite quickly.

      The only games at the moment that would really struggle are intense PC exclusive games like Shogun 2, King Arthur 2 or Witcher 2 with Ubersampling on. There's definitley a lack of envelope-pushers at the moment...

      Depends on your monitor and the FPS drop you can put up with.
      I like to keep FPS games around 100fps average using 120hz monitor

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