Obey Gabel Newell. Do It.

San Francisco's 4th Street is covered in Gabe Newell. The Game Developer's Conference is in full swing, and the iconic Valve boss's mug is splashed on poles, garbage bins and newspaper stands.

It's like gaming's own version of the Obey sticker campaign, but Gabe's either saying Half-Life 3 or Steam console. I can't tell which.

These photos were taken by website Destructoid. More in the link below.

Someone put up pictures of Gabe Newell EVERYWHERE [Dtoid]


    All hail the hypno gabe...

    San Francisco’s 4th Street is covered in Gabe Newell. Is that supposed to be a fat joke?

    >Obey Gabel Newell
    >Gabel Newell

    Incidentally I'll buy 20 of whatever it's selling

    Sorry Gaben, I only obey The Crab.

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