Obsidian Will Help Develop Wasteland 2 If It Raises Enough Money


    Where's the rest of the story? lol

      Bethesda did all QA.

    But i dont want a game full of bugs and crashes everytime i go through a door AKA New Vegas..

      Now, if you'd bothered reading the actual announcement, you'd notice that obsidian are doing content creation, not the actual development work. It looks like Brian Fargo is just trying to get as much of the old team back together.

      As for Obsidian, they shipped with bugs, which was the result of rushed shipping and QA from bethesda, but they got straight on fixing them. I'd rather have a heap of bugs for the first week from a developer that gets fixes out for them ASAP, than one that has less, with little to no communication on when or if they'll be fixed (ie. bioware).

        Yeah - I read that too. Bullshit. They have track record of releasing games in an unplayable state. Their is a technical breakdown of the save game bug on 20-sided-die that basically concludes they have no idea what their doing - they used a well known flawed solution. Also, from what I read, Bethesda did the majority of the patching, not Obsidian.

          Yeah, look at Alpha Protocol - Sega actually gave that game a massive DELAY in order to give them time to sort it out, so you could hardly say it was rushed. And yet they still produced a very shabby product. Which is a shame - there were some great ideas in there, but the execution was just terrible.

        "As for Obsidian, they shipped with bugs, which was the result of rushed shipping and QA from bethesda"

        The excuse they use EVERY SINGLE TIME. KOTOR 2, Alpha Protocol, NWN2. EVERY SINGLE TIME. "we were rushed!!!1" ffs someone hire them a project manager or ten.

          Yeah exactly. I love Obsidian's games, but from an outsider's perspective they seem to always be rushed out in the end. It suggests they're perhaps not that well organized. I don't recall the NWN2 expansions being that buggy though, and NWN2 itself wasn't that bad, it's super hard to QA some of these huge games effectively as it is. I didn't actually play it but I don't recall Dungeon Siege 3 being reported as being hugely buggy either, so maybe they've gotten things sorted out?

    I would have said most of New Vegas's shortcomings were down to it being pushed out the door early by the publisher and not quality controlled early, by the publisher.

    IfIi had pledged money to this I would be removing the pledge. Obsidian is a horrid studio.

    Wow, this is great news! Hope it makes it!

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