Oh Dear. Mass Effect 3's Character Import Isn't Working Properly

So earlier today I settled in with Mass Effect 3. On the Xbox 360. Popped my disc in, booted it up, went to import my character from the last two games (which I'd preserved over four separate consoles). At first, it went well! There he was, with his decisions and class choices in place.

But then I got an error. And it was very disappointing.

Seems my character's face couldn't be imported. That's OK, I thought, must be a hiccup because the game wasn't technically out yet, maybe a switch at BioWare hadn't been flipped yet.

The game is now out. And whatever switch needs to be flipped, or fixed, isn't working.

We're getting emails from readers, and there's already a massive thread on BioWare's forums, saying the same thing.

It seems the error is popping up for people who built a face for Mass Effect 1, carried it unchanged into Mass Effect 2 and are now trying to bring it into Mass Effect 3.

Which will be only the series' longest and most devoted fans.


    My Shepard must transfer perfectly! He looks like an aged black backstreet boy.

    And I love it.

      This is Bioware... they never fixed the Sirta Foundation hostage crisis or "Packages for Ish" quests despite many threads full of complaints. This hits people right off the bat so they may change it, but I tend to think they are not really interested in admitting they ever make mistakes, let alone fixing them.

    Thank goodness that by the time I get around to playing it, this will most likely be fixed. If I can't bring my ME characters' faces with me, I'll be devastated. Their faces are very much a part of their character.

    can you just take the code from your Mass Effect 2 game and type it out in ME3? Or do the consoles not use the face codes?

      This, not sure if this was just a PC function though?

      You only got a code if you used the ME2 editor. If your face was unchanged, you didn't get a code.

        So just load up ME2, import your ME1 save, alter the face very slightly and then copy the code and enter it into ME3?

    This is due to me1 import faces not getting a face code. There is no switch. You have to do your import face the hard way.

      "You have to do your import face the hard way."

      This ought to become a meme, or something.


    "Some ME2 saves will not be able to import the face-file of your Shepard. You will need to re-create the appearance when importing", says their Twitter account.

    I say: bollocks. We were under the impression our Shepard would be transferred over, which at the very least means their looks. It's a relatively small thing, but their response doesn't seem like one they'd give to a bug that'll be fixed. More of a "deal with it" than an apology.

    Am I the only one who used a default Shepherd?

      I used default Shepard. Something about the game feeling more canon.

      Yeah I used the default Shepard face, as any face I created just didn't look like a real face no matter how hard I tried. As an added bonus though, all the trailers for Mass Effect 3 looked like they were starring my Shepard! Reallys adds to the pumped up feeling :D

      I use default Shepard, I think the default is damn sexy! I was very upset when the game started with some ugly form of default shepard. Why does he have red eyebrown and black hair???? My husmabd didnt beleive me that his face was all jacked up and I demanded my default Shepard back.

    DIdn't anyone else play the demo? I recreated my character's looks in about a minute.. It has the same sliders as ME1

    I had heard elsewhere that there is an issue with importing save games on X-Box if you have uploaded your save to the cloud. I'm not sure if this is the same problem though removing the save form the cloud and putting back on the original console which the save came from is potentially a fix.

    although i've never played a mass effect, i can feel how important a characters appearance would be to how you experienced the game, so that sucks bum

    I had the same Sheppard for ME1&2 I really hope I don't have issues.

      Looks like the problem occurs with ME save files on cloud.

        I may have jumped the gun on the cloud problem. The fix for the face glitch on 360 http://www.gamefront.com/mass-effect-3-how-to-transfer-your-me-2-save-from-xbox-360-to-pc/

    Since I have a much better pc than the xbox, I want to play it on this instead (and it's cheaper). So, I've had to go and DL a save from the closest thing I could find for me anyway. masseffect2saves.com I think it was. Anyone know if Bioware are going to offer a xbox 360->PC save converter? :/

    Any word on wether this is just consoles or PC as well?

    Wow. I mean I heard rumours that Bioware just doesn't give a crap about their old school customer base anymore, but this is really a colossal slap in the face from the original people who got into ME from the very beginning.

    To say I'm disappointed is a huge understatement. My Shepard has become a person. To now tell me they don't even have their own face..

    Wow. I need to go lie down.

      could not have said it better. its like watching the original star wars series with harrison ford as han solo only for him to be replaced with bill cosby in return of the jedi.

    Wah. Wah. Wah. I can feel the tears. Seriously it's a fucking video game character's face. Make a new one.

      Dude, get over yourself.

      It's not much of an ask that Bioware make having your character for the entire trilogy possible. Big oversight on their part.

      Thank goodness you were here to show us the error of our ways. How dare the people be annoyed that the character that they've spent countless hours with, not be able to be imported into the finale of this trilogy of games, that have always been about YOUR Shepard and their story?

      It's ok everyone! Will J is here to show us to the light!

      This should have been stated upfront seeing as it was a major selling point. That said, I was planning on re-doing my face anyway because I used tge default due to the crappiness of the face editor in one.

    This really isn't a very big deal at all. You can just change the face in the editor like you did in ME1 the first time. Won't take you more than 5 minutes ffs.

      Maybe its not a big deal for you Lachlan, but with multiple screencaps of the Shep I made in the original (not to mention the memories of literally hundreds of hours of gameplay) I spent over an hour trying to recreate it, and can't get it quite the same. Good for you if you can do that in 5 minutes, if you're that skilled in the face editior, why not make Capt Kirk Shep. I'm sure lots of Trekkies would love that.

    It may not be a big deal to some but it is to other i have been building my character since the beginning and now having create a new face having every body react to my shepard with a new face they same thry if I imported is stupid it breaks my ability to get lost in the game

    Just re-import your character from ME1 into ME2, change the face slightly, replay ME2 entirely, and import THAT face into ME3. Not much work involved in that, surely?

    Maybe ME3 should've just been a DLC expansion for ME2. Back when Bioware cared about games, that worked just fine.

    Bravo EA, nice "feature" you neglected to test...

      Yes, while I know Bioware made the game, I'm sure it was EA who made them skimp on QA.

    In the demo my custom face looked relatively similar

    Well in that case I'm glad I'm waiting for an import copy, this should hopefully be fixed by the time I get mine!

    Character import worked fine for me, by the way. I only made minor alterations to default Shep.

    wow..........i changed my guys face slightly in ME2...will my import be ok?

    Well my character wont import at all

    I don't really care about the face so much. Yes it would be cool. But in all honesty I like the new face I created way better. As long as the rest of the character info is there, I'm not that bothered.

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