Online Games Retailer Reveals Assassin's Creed III Collector's Edition

By accident, we're assuming, as the picture appears to have vanished from Multiplayer, the Italian store responsible for the leak. While there's no description to accompany the shot, we can clearly see a necklace and a small book as the included goodies.

Readers of gaming news site Esperino were fast enough to grab the image of the supposed PS3 collector's edition, called "Join Or Die, before it was removed. The words at the bottom, which Google Translate tells me say "Image not final", likely refer to the box art or the promotional shot itself, rather than the bonus items. That said, the necklace looks to me like a 3D render, going by the angular, sharply-gradated underside.

That necklace isn't the trendiest piece of gaming apparel I've seen, but I am curious about the contents of that book...

Assassin’s Creed III 'Join Or Die' Edition Accidentally Leaked [Esperino]


    Looks fake

      Yeah, looks like it. "Join or Die edition"? Corniest name I've ever heard.

        Looks fake but it could be an indication of a limited edition release. I doubt it'd be the Collector's Edition though.

        What about Homefront's "Don't Tread on Me" edition.

    The necklace looks like it is cgi

      You mean like the cg jack-in-the-box for the brotherhood collectors images?

      Guess you missed the part where that was mentioned in the article?

    That is the fakest thing I have ever seen. I mean "Join or Die Edition?"

    The text is off, the image doesn't wrap around the spine, infact it's part of the main image copied and pasted there. There are weird artifacts all around the title text, probably where they tried to hide the game informer/xbox /ps3 branding all over it.

    You guys do know that 'Join or Die' was a phrase given by Benjamin Franklin during the American Revolutionary War right? That's what it means...-__-

    How would they have a rating for a game that isn't even done yet?

    Not to mention everything else pointed out here, this is very fake indeed

    I don't want to be "that guy" but the original article does state the final box art isn't finalized

    please be fake. That looks like the worst collectors edition.

    Correct me if I'm wrong: but it looks like the necklace chain is BEHIND the "join or die" text?

    Looks awesome. Already pre-ordered. I've always been curious about cross-dressing, so now I can take the first step by wearing this necklace.

    Fake. Terribly rendered necklace, and poorly photoshoped box text.

    In these comments, people who have never noticed how many placeholder artworks are in fact fake because the product hasn't been made yet...

      Yes, but they hire professionals to make it look real. This looks like it was done by a highschooler trying to follow a photoshop tutorial.



        Gotta catch em all oggob!

        Make sure it's OFLC legit first though!

    The necklace's shadow. This is more fake than reality tv shows.

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