Ooh, The Porsche Is Coming To Forza 4

Ooh, The Porsche Is Coming To Forza 4

Normally new car announcements for video games are hardly worth writing about — particularly for me, a man with no interest in cars or racing games — but after years of wrangling, it looks as though the Porsche is finally coming to the Forza Motorsport series.

So what was the delay? Apparently there were licensing issues surrounding the Porsche, but now an upcoming piece of DLC will feature 30 new Porsche cars for afficiendos to get all sploongy about.

It’s a pretty extensive update — in addition to the cars themselves, 20 Porsche centric events are being added to the game. Once downloaded players can expect to see Porsches hooning around in other events as well.

“The upcoming Porsche Expansion Pack for Forza Motorsport 4 is great news for racing fans,” said Turn 10 Creative Director Dan Greenawalt, “and I’m pleased that we’ve been able to work closely with EA on an agreement that brings one of the world’s most iconic automotive brands to Forza 4.”

I’m assuming this of interest to car people, but I wouldn’t know. I still drive a Hyundai Excel. And that doesn’t embarrass me.

Porsche Expansion Pack [Forza Motorsport]


  • Ohhh, I like Porsche. I haven’t seriously played a racer sim since GT1 on the PS1. I wouldn’t mind giving them another go. Is Forza 4 any good? I played my mate’s GT5 for a couple of hours, I just wasn’t feeling it.

    • Forza 4 is to me the best game in its class by a long mile. It oozes quality there is no competition. There is so much content, every car is built to the same spec unlike GT5. It feels great, it sounds amazing and it looks superb. Gran Turismo 5 while good has allot to learn from Turn 10.

  • So if you’re not at all interested in cars, why not let someone who is write this article?

    Oh, and you should be ashamed of that poor excuse for a ‘car’. They don’t call them road lice for nothing.

    • Maybe there aren’t any people that are that interested in cars at Allure Media? Plus, just because you’re a game journalist doesn’t mean you have to be interested in every single genre of game.

    • Guys – just ignore him, he’s obviously a troll.
      I mean, seriously, look at the name. There’s no use in giving validation to his petty existence 🙂

  • Porsche has been in the Forza series before, it was just for FM4 that EA (who have own the right to use them in video games ) wouldn’t let them this time. Thankfully that has now been sorted out.

    • Well, NFS Shift 1 had a DLC pack of Ferraris on the Xbox. I assume that was a reciprocal license to the Porsches in FM2 and/or 3, as Turn 10 holds the exclusive Xbox/PC license for Ferrari. So you may just see some Ferraris in the next NFS game…

      Similarly, I assume this is why Outrun: Online Arcade was eventually pulled from the marketplace, albeit after an extra years’ stay of execution.

    • No, Sean. It’s being released in may, the month after our season pass ends. I imagine EA would have raped them with the cost of the license as EA always has and they’re looking to recoup some of the cost. Still if it means the difference between Porsche and no Porsche I’ll pay.

  • I have forza 3, it has porsches. I’m sure what why you say after years its finally coming to forza series.

    Also i read that it will cost 1600 MS points, as MS points can only be bought in 1500 lots, will be an expensive addition for something that was included free in the previous game.

  • I loved Forza 4, but I realised when I got up to Driver Level 43, that I was still doing the same tracks over and over, and there didn’t appear to be much variety, so I gave up on it. Did I miss something?

          • No He has a valid arguement, I to bored quickly of Forza 4 it’s just Forza 3 with a few extra tracks and cars and some missing (Porche). It proberly didnt help that I played Gran Turismo 5 inbetween Forza 3 and 4 also a very simillar game.
            What Forza needs is more tracks not cars, and not boring race tracks either but some like Fuji and the coastline one.

    • There is that, but you really need to take it online. Apart from that it’s such a great game to pickup and have a blast every now and then even though the AI is pretty easy to beat on max difficulty and all the aids off. If you get to level 40+ I think you got your monies worth atleast. I really want to get one of those new Fanatec CSR wheels that support PC, PS3 and X360 for it.

    • It depends completely on your tastes – the only DLC (aside from car soccer) since it’s all car DLC.

      A car pack with 10 cars is released every month. This month’s isn’t the best – but I think the highlights are the packs with the Mazda 787B and the Lamborghini Aventador.

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