Peter Molydeux Game-Jam Gathers Steam

Yesterday, there arose a game jam that will turn Peter Molydeux's wacky game ideas into real, playable games. Since then, things have… escalated.

The whole thing started yesterday when Double Fine programmer Anna Kipnis tweeted that someone should really get on organising a game jam centered around the crazy ideas espoused by famed game programmer Peter Molyneux's satirical twitter doppelganger Peter Molydeux.

In a matter of hours, it became clear that there was enough enthusiasm for the idea to make it into a real thing — and so, it's happening. Kipnis, along with organisers from Giant Bomb, Game Developer Magazine, Idle Thumbs, and the New York game space Babycastles, have all teamed up to sponsor and organise the jam, which will take place over two days, March 31 and April 1.

(Kipnis assures me that this is in no way some sort of elaborate April Fools' joke. I take her at her word.)

The event will now be taking place not just in the San Francisco Bay Area, but in New York and the UK. It even has a name. And not just any name, a flippin awesome one:

What Would Molydeux?

Ha! The sign-up document has over 100 names, and more will doubtless come over the next two weeks. And the best possible participant? Peter Molyneux himself:

OK, so take that with like seven grains of salt. But if there's even a chance of Molyneux himself coming to this event and meeting face-to-face with his evil twin (Molydeux will also be in attendance), then this will be a can't-miss event.

This could be a brilliant move for Molyneux (I'm serious!). He'd be jumping on top of a funny, popular idea, and if he came up with a great game, this could be fantastic PR for him. All he'd have to give up is one weekend, and now that he's left Microsoft and Lionhead, he's probably got more flexibility with his schedule.

Imagine how great it would be if Peter Molyneux showed up at this thing and worked with a bunch of young game makers to put together some goofy Peter Molydeux game. It would be really, truly great. Hopefully Molyneux realises that too, and his tweet wasn't in jest. We'll find out soon enough.

If you're a game developer or creative type in New York or San Francisco (or in a to-be-determined location in the UK), head on over and sign up.

What Would Molydeux? [Official Page]


    I love that this is thing!

      *a thing

        You shouldn't have corrected yourself, you could have launched a whole new obnoxious meme!

    We need one of these events here, just need to find someone to sponsor it

    What a fantastic turn of events

    Hahaha, sounds like fun.

    Also has a Melbourne event. There's an event page on facebook if you don't want to sign up via the google docs form.

    Would love it if it turns out that Molydeux is his long lost twin brother.. possibly looking like Danny Devito. Reminds me of the time that I wasn't late returning a DVD & the store manager disagreed..turned out that another guy with the same name as me hired the same movie just 2 nights previously..what are the odds?

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