Phantasy Star Online 2 Is Coming To The PS Vita

Sega producer Satoshi Sakai announced today that PC title Phantasy Star Online 2 is headed to the PS Vita.

It will be possible to play PS Vita version on the same server as the PC version and, according to Sakai, it will use "exactly the same data". Thus, players can take their PC characters and play them on the PS Vita.

新発表「PS Vita×酒井智史」 [YouTube]


    and the purchase of my PS Vita has been justified

    That does sound reasonable, though its a shame that you have to wait so long for your purchase to be justified!

      eh, it's going to be released alot earlier than Phantasy Star Portable was released for the PSP, 4 years into its lifespan, PSO2 for the Vita looks to be at the most 2.

      That and I have Unit 13 to bide the time with

    Well now, if they announce a Monster Hunter game for it as well then I'm sold.

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