Pittsburgh Organisation Sticks Up Its Middle Finger At Gamers [UPDATE]

Ready to rage? Kotaku reader and Best Week Ever writer Dan Hopper sent over a link to this commercial, created by an organisation called the Energy Alliance of Greater Pittsburgh. It will make you angry.

Just listen to the way the disembodied announcer talks down to gamers, telling them they'd better do something useful with their lives, like get a job at the Energy Alliance of Greater Pittsburgh. My advice would be to instead work for an organisation that respects your hobbies.

I reached out to the Energy Alliance of Greater Pittsburgh for comment, but they've not yet responded. I'll update if I hear from them.

Update: A representative from the Energy Alliance of Greater Pittsburgh gave me a call this afternoon. He said he doesn't think the ad is patronizing or offensive toward gamers, telling me the goal was to get "young people" interested in the careers the organisation has open.

"I don't think we're talking down to [gamers]," he said. "We're trying to get their attention."

Watch This Local Commercial Completely Sh*t On Video Games [BestWeekEver.TV]


    The only gamers that's aimed at are the ones too lazy to get a job, so why would they want to hire lazy people?

    They didnt make me angry at all, i dont think it was patronising in the slightest, in fact it was kinda funny(as im sure they intended it to be)

      I concur. I actually found it comforting to have a company advertise positions specifically to people like me and without being condescending. I would totally go work there if I didnt already have a job...or lived halfway around the world...

    I don't have a problem with the ad, I thought it was rather clever and now, strangely enough, i'd like to apply for a job there ... ;)

    I guess the only ones feel offended are those feeling guilty doing nothing but gaming all day.

    Wait... who thought that was offensive in the first place o_O

    More like someone is a bit soft aye ;D

    Not patronising in the least. Infact, it was a well researched ad, well marketed and well put together. Well done to them!

    Let us take offence merely to take offence!

    it sounds weird when I hear gaming referd to as a hobby, no one calls watching tv a hobby or going to the movies .

    just sayin

      Well, If you watched a TV or movie series religiously, planned what you would watch before the season started (as apposed to just seeing what's on), and enjoyed discussing the themes/characters/etc of films and TV shows, then that *would* be a hobby.

      Just like someone who plays iOS games or COD every now and again probably wouldn't say gaming was one of their hobbies

        I don't know I got a friend who is seriously into star trek and I have never heard him refer to it as a Hobby, maybe board games or table top games are a better analogy .

    Alright, so question time:

    Do we as Aussies care less/are less "insulted" by the dig then Americans?

    Would be kinda curious if any of the AU editors share Jason's view (although I could guarantee they would put it much more eloquently)?

      I think the first part of this should answer your question.

    Yeah that add doesn't make me angry at all. Seems like a clever way to get gamers interested.

    I would find it entertaining if i saw it on AUS TV actually, guess the Americans don't see it the same way though.

    Goddamnit now it has page views... hahah ahh we GOT SUCKED IN.

      True, but I've proudly done my bit by not clicking on a Bashcraft article for 2 weeks now and I feel so much cleaner.

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