Play Soul Calibur 5 With A Symphony Backdrop

Play Soul Calibur 5 With A Symphony Backdrop

There will be a video game symphony coming to Melbourne this April. What’s more, you could be playing Soul Calibur V on stage while the symphony conducts the tune to your game.

To qualify to play on stage, players will have to first compete at Couch Warriors’ Fighting Festival, which takes place this weekend in Melbourne. Qualifiers will receive the opportunity to play the game on stage while the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra plays the game’s battle music in a concert environment.

For those interested in qualifying, visit the Couch Warriors Facebook event page. For those interested in attending the symphony, which will play music from Skyrim, Bioshock 2, Final Fantasy VII, Uncharted 2 and 3, Assassin’s Creed II, Civilization IV, Secret of Mana, and World of Warcraft among many more, visit Video Games Unplugged.


  • Are they only picking these games because they have full orchestratal pieces made for it or is it they think these games are renowned for its music, because if it’s the former I think they might need a revision.

  • They play video game footage while they play the orchestra piece. In the past they’ve done this quite effectively, not sure what it would feel like seeing people play fighting games while they play the music

  • The concept is pretty cool, imagine the intensity of playing if you are one of the finalists with a big audience – makes it a big occasion. Good on the MSO for trying this out! Will be at the tournament on Saturday (not just for Soul Calibur) for sure.

  • If the people they have playing are like the typical crowd that appears then I’m not really looking forward to this. When I went to a fighting game event at the Mana Bar last year, fighting game players hogged all the machines (which never happens there normally as people like to share) didn’t talk to the regulars, and according to the staff, didn’t spend much $$$. They are possibly the worst crowd to bring in when trying to expand your demographic to new potential enthusiasts – and thats without going into the recent sexism issues in the community

  • Looking forward to this. Still a lot of training to do but would love the chance to play in such an environment! That said if it’s really high level play, the players might have a little trouble enjoying the music. : P

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