PlayStation Hacker Arrested For Drug Possession

PlayStation Hacker Arrested For Drug Possession

Hacker George Hotz, who was sued by Sony for hacking the PS3, was arrested in Sierra Blanca, Texas. The 22 year-old was busted for possession of marijuana.

According to website Above the Law, Hotz was on his way to the SXSW conference in Austin when he was stopped at border patrol checkpoint in the West Texas town.

Hotz joins the likes of Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg, who were all arrested at the same checkpoint.

Department of Homeland Security officers were searching each car with dogs when they apparently found 1/4 oz. of marijuana and less than 1/8 oz. of chocolate containing the drug in his glove box.

Hotz carried as medical marijuana licence in California, where he resides.

The hacker, who also was the first person to jailbreak the iPhone, was charged with a felony. He posted the $US1500 necessary for bail.

Recently, the young hacker has been working with Google and Facebook on various projects.

Famed Hacker Arrested for Pot Possession En Route To SXSW [Above the Law via Eurogamer]


  • Oh no, he had Marijuana.

    Surely there must be some legal loophole considering he has a licence for medical Marijuana in California, there must be cases of people who actually need it for medical reasons travelling interstate and being stopped with it

    • Marijuana is legal only in California at the state level, it’s possession and sale is still a Federal crime and you can be prosecuted for it by Federal authorities (FBI etc) within California.

      • lol Moridin, I know the laws, I was asking why isn’t it legal because there is no reason that it should be illegal.

  • Some laws are ridiculous.
    The guy has a tiny amount of the stuff, is allowed it where he lives, but because he left some in his car he now has to deal with federal police.

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