Please Let This Be The Thing That Gives Us Great Video Game Clothing And Hair

Clothes often look horrible in video games. People look like they have their suits and dressed painted on their bodies. Or their capes clip right through their arms.


And hair... long hair almost never works. So you get all these games that won't let you give your character long hair.

Thank goodness we've got people like Cloakworks' Joe van den Heuvel trying to solve this. He's got some tech called Shroud that he's showing in a small booth at the Game Developer's Conference (here's the official website). The tech was borne from work done for a Batman: Gotham by Gaslight pitch (see that here). It will be used in the next Hitman, Hitman Absolution. I expect Agent 47's coat to flap and drape realistically. Now if only the guy had long hair...


    I decided to pull out ME2 last night. I was startled by just how bad the hair models were. The game isn't that old, but it was nearly unlplayably fugly.

      Made that much worse by spending 90% of the game staring at the back of the characters head...

    Incredible, I'm always delighted when some really smart programmer develops some tech for something that was considered impossible with current hardware. I'd love to know more about it from a technical stand point, I'm wondering if it required low level hardware programming to get that performance.

    the ghillie suit looked really awkward. the rest were amazing though, especially the banners.

    This is one of those things that, once it becomes standard, will instantly horribly date games that don't have it. "Man, this game is only a year old, but look at the hideous hair model on that dude; it's just a poorly-painted blob and it keeps disappearing into his shoulders". I can't wait.

    Ghillie suit looks awesome. Imagine jumping around 360ing with neon rainbow!

    The clipping thing is good, and the fact that cloth doesn't spaz out trying to get free of some errant collision detection is cool. It still looks a bit too floaty for me though. Especially that cloak flying out so much during turns. The templar women looked a lot better. Here's hoping to see this improve and become widespread.

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