Pokémon Drinking Game Now On The Android

A while ago, this (completed) Pokémon drinking game popped up on Reddit. It was soon after made into a printable version for drunken shenanigans, and is now available on the Android Market. Have fun!<


    I will personally shake anyones hand who manages to make it the end of this game, without throwing up.

      Challenge Accepted!

      We shall not be shaking hands. excuse me whilst I go vomit again

    Was playing this last night with my friends, all made it to the final 4. No puking at all, and I was mixing drinks too :P
    Also played the battle music every time we had to player battle, was epic, fully recommend this game to everyone.

    Hi, i wanted to play this game but the Android Market link didn't work :(
    I'll just print it out then :3

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