Project 48 -- It's Like Game Jam, For Machinima

The concept of Game Jam — make a video game in 48 hours — is a concept that transfers pretty neatly to just about any medium you can imagine, so why not Machinima? This is the concept of Project 48.

Project 48 Machinima is an international competition, but it has its roots in Liverpool NSW. Competitors must create a three to five minute video in 48 hours, and the best video created receives a prize of $3000.

The competition itself takes place on March 30, and registration is open. It costs $48 to register (that's a dollar for every hour folks) but the screenings of the resulting comp entries, which takes place April 14 and April 15 is completely free. It takes place at the Liverpool City Council, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre.

The rules of the comp are pretty simple — at 7pm March 30, the competitors will receive a genre, a prop, and a single line of dialogue. From that moment on they have 48 hours to create the best piece of Machinima possible.

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    If that line is "why are we here?" then I can guarantee what 90% of the entries will be.

      I expect more originality than that. And I'm one of the judges. So let's get those creativity caps on eh?

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