PS Vita’s Silent Hill: Book Of Memories Is Delayed

PS Vita’s Silent Hill: Book Of Memories Is Delayed

Silent Hill‘s debut on the PlayStation Vita — Silent Hill: Book of Memories — will not hit its March 27 release date. Amazon and Gamefly both have given the game a May 31 placeholder date, and Konami confirmed the delay to RipTen.

The game was originally slated for a Vita “launch window” release, and the handheld arrived in North America last month. So the May 31 date means the title has probably been moved out a quarter or so.

Konami told RipTen “a more formal announcement” is forthcoming

Konami Confirms ‘Silent Hill: Book of Memories’ Delayed [RipTen]


  • I was very interested to see how they went given a new style in the Silent Hill universe and was all set to pick it up next week.

    Now its dropping around the same time as Resistance Burning Skies though, so it may lose my purchase.

  • So there’s pretty much no new games to play on my new Vita until May? That kinda sucks. Didn’t Sony claim that like 100 new titles will be released during the Vita’s launch window? Hmmm…..

  • So, the shitty HD ports that has been slammed by reviews everywhere was delayed months, Downpour was delayed as well, it should have been a given that this too would be delayed. Konami can’t do anything right.

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