Remember This? [UPDATED]

Do you remember the game from this fragment of a screenshot? Leave your answer in the comments! Today's Remember This suggestion comes from Kotaku reader NovaCascade.


    actually ghouls n goblins - I refuse to say that game with the shovel

      game with the shovel? Oh, you mean THE DIG?

        Oh no - you said it!!!! the curse of Lucasfilm games is upon us. Say SCUMM me hearties - three times and cross your fingers.

          You know, I heard that if you stand in front of a mirror & say "Guybrush Threepwood" three times, George Lucas appears, slaps you & steals your money.

            Thanks for the tip!!! I just captured George Lucas! He is now chained up in my basement. Im about to make him retract the Han shoots second scene. I gotta say... the guy can take a beating!

            You can get a similar result by going and seeing star wars episode 1 in 3D.

    Hmm.. three red arrows. What could it mean?

    Clever Tracey. I like your tactic. Put a screenshot up that could possibly be from any one of 5000 different platformer games.


    At first it made me think Majora's Mask, but it looks like that health bar is on the right of the screen not the left.

    Ghouls n Goblins - that didn't have a health bar did it? Some kind of Castlevania sounds more likely. I'll go with Dawn of Sorrow, just because.

      Castlevanias don't use hearts for health, and I can't think of any that used more than a single heart to represent how many you have. Aria of Sorrow didn't even use a heart system (aside from having them restore your MP).

        Haha, why so they don't. Guess I must've been thinking of the heart pickups :P For all the Castlevanias I've played, I sure seem to not remember a lot about them.

    I would have said castlevania

    At first I thought "Puggsley's Scavenger Hunt" on SNES, but now I'm not so sure

      Same here. Either that or The Addams Family on snes

    Those hearts just scream Zelda to me, Majora's Mask?

    Skyward Sword

    It's so familiar, yet I've played so many games that use heart meters it comes down to the shading...

    Games with hearts???
    Links Awakening
    Wonderboy 3 or Wonder boy in Monsterland/world

      Wonder boy in Monsterland was my guess also.

        +1 for that, really feel like thats it.

          What the!?!?! You sir -return my identity to me at once! I challenge you to a duel!

    LoZ Four Swords

    Was thinking a Zelda on DS or GBA (very pixelly picture so I figure its a portable game). But zeldas in those had white borders around the heart containters.....

    phantom hourglass.

    The new Avengers trailer?

    i know i've played this game


      Come on, surely! The cave level!

      ... no?


    cool spot

    One of the super star wars games on the snes?

    Super Star Wars?

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