Remember This?

Oh man, you guys really got me good last time. PLEASE DON'T GET THIS ONE IN FIVE MINUTES!




      Beaten within 60 seconds of publication.

      You are slipping, Serrels!

    Yeah I'd go with Loom as well.

    ouch that's just unfortunate

    Now I want to play Loom again. It's been, oh, 18 years I think?

    Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist?

    Mark, it's like you're not even trying. Perhaps some Mario tomorrow?

    I like the way this one included the mousie Icon.

    Hey Mark - maybe you could find a pointer icon and have us guess the game - it's not 1 pixel but it would be pretty close to and yet still be guessable.

      I'll start with one, which I think is pretty guessable:

        7th Guest, BAM.

          Well at least this one took 20 minutes. Mark only got 1 minute out of his.

            Actually it took me two minutes, I didn't see the post :) Most of that time was spent finding the image (how can anyone forget that game?!)

    I know it is Loom, but for some reason it reminded me of The Colonel's Bequest.

    There once was a man named Mark,
    Thought the picture he posted was stark.
    Underestimated, did he,
    The Kotaku community,
    Now into self pity he'll embark.

    I wonder if Mark just curls up into the fetal position and cries at 12:01pm every day...

    This one was a gimme with Tim Schaefer's post earlier today! :P

      My thoughts exactly.

    Nice tie in with Tim's reddit AMA. Title mentions Loom. Nice work.

    These segments really are pointless now.

    All it takes is for someone to copy the image url into google images and it will find images similar which almost always shows us what game its from.

    pretty flawed.

      That hasn't been the case for ages. Every day I put them in Google's reverse image search and it has never ever been close to showing me results that are even related to games.

    Really if it doesn't come up on googles reverse image search i just use tinyeye and it comes up.

      a TinEye search for this image produced 0 Results.
      Thanks for playing.

    well only losers cheat anyway

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